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So you're packing up and heading off on a family caravan holiday with Allen's and you've got just about everything sorted. Bits for the beach, bikes for the trails and everything but the kitchen sink for the kids. Are you forgetting something though? Board games! Why would you want board games when you're there to enjoy the great outdoors? Well, even in the midst of summer our lush green land is no stranger to a washout or two. Whether it's a one-off damp evening or a torrential two days, it is best to be prepared with indoor activities as well as outdoor ones. Hopefully the good old British weather will miss you altogether but just in case, here are the top three classic board games for families. Click here for our gorgeous range of UK holiday parks and get booking today!

1.       Cluedo

The ultimate murder-mystery board game Cluedo was first published in 1949 by Waddingtons of Leeds. It was devised by a gentleman of the name Anthony E. Pratt and it has had great success, being a favourite in the UK and the US ever since its conception.

The aim of the game is for players to move around the board strategically. The board represents the rooms of a mansion and each player must assume the identity of one of the game's six characters. The game is played in a manner that allows its participants to collect clues and ask questions until the suspect is revealed; players' guesses also need to include what room the murder took place in and what weapon was used to murder the game's victim, Dr. Black.

Cluedo's characters are:

  • Miss Scarlett (red piece)
  • Colonel Mustard (yellow piece)
  • Mrs White (white piece)
  • Reverend Green (green piece)
  • Mrs Peacock (blue piece)
  • Professor Plum (purple piece)

The murder weapons offered include:

  • A candlestick
  • A dagger
  • A lead pipe,
  • A revolver
  • A rope
  • A wrench

All of the rooms displayed on the board are the possible locations for the murder so Dr. Black could have been killed in the:

  • Kitchen
  • Ballroom
  • Conservatory
  • Billiard room
  • Library
  • Dining room
  • Hall
  • Lounge
  • Study
  • Cellar

Despite its unchanging rules and perennial appeal, Cluedo is not just a family board game for players of all ages to enjoy today; it is a board game classic and an entire franchise has spawned from the original, along with an array of novelty versions. If you want an exciting family board game that is intriguing and entertaining at the same time, look to Cluedo.

2.       Cranium

Based on Ludo, Cranium is a board game made for parties. The game was created by Richard Tait and Whit Alexander in 1998. It was designed specifically to use a range of different skills by tasking players with a variety of activities. The scoring system is simple and the activities are separated into four categories. These categories are:

  • Creative Cat: by drawing one of these blue cards you will be given one of two creative tasks to complete. The first is a Pictionary style activity where one team member will draw on a piece of paper and the other players will guess what it is they are drawing. The second task is to use the putty (provided with the game) to make something, the other players guessing what it is.
  • Data Head: there are three different types of question in this category, a category which requires you to have general knowledge of data and facts. When you pull one of these red cards you will either be given a question with multiple choice answers, a question you are required to answer outright or a statement which you and your team will decide is true or false.
  • Word Worm: this category tests the wordsmiths and the walking dictionaries. If you pull a yellow card you will face one of three types of task: you will either have to spell a moderately difficult word (forward or backward), correctly identify the definition of a word from a set of multiple choice answers or you will have to perform an anagram task.
  • Star Performer: this category is where a player steals the limelight. When you draw one of these green cards you will be required to act out clues, much like in a game of charades. You will either have to hint at, act or speak like a famous person or character or you will be required to hum or whistle a popular tune as other players guess the song.

Cranium is a game designed and adept at involving everyone around the board, whether in participation or observation. By catering for different needs, skills and age ranges, it really is a top family board game.

3.       Monopoly

Known as ‘the fast-dealing property trading game', Monopoly was originally published by Parker Brothers in America. The concept for the game is based on the actual economic concept of monopolising a market – in this case, the property market. The game requires its players to move around the board, buying and trading properties, developing properties (upgrading houses and hotels) and collecting rent from opponents. The game's ultimate goal is for its players to make one another bankrupt. Along the way there are various market-related rewards and challenges, all aimed at making the game harder and losing or gaining the players money.

The UK version of Monopoly features a board laid out with various London locations, including well-known streets and boroughs as well as famous stations. There are title deed cards for each property, Chance and Community Chest cards with tasks on them, miniature houses and hotels, dice and play money to give the game a more “realistic” feel. There are also the eight iconic board pieces:

  • The wheelbarrow
  • The battleship
  • The race car
  • The thimble
  • The boot
  • The Scottie dog
  • The top Hat
  • The cat (previously the iron)

Monopoly may seem complex at first glance but it is a fun and engaging game for all the family to play; it encourages friendly competition and keeps everyone engrossed for hours!

So keep those fingers crossed that you won't need to break out the board games – but pack these classics just in case! Allens Caravans specialise in luxury holiday homes, touring caravan sites and static homes. Be sure to pick up a fantastic deal today and book yourself the trip of a life time!

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