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Visiting Evesham

  • 24th Aug 2014

Visiting Evesham

At Allen's Caravans, we have a number of affordable yet splendid holiday home and touring parks ideal for families, couples and singletons however, today let's focus on a location complete with idyllic scenery and equally appealing heritage; the quaint market town of Evesham. 

Weir Meadow is situated in the very heart of Evesham and is a serene, pleasant destination that comes with an array of appealing facilities including free park-wide Wi-Fi access and river fishing. It's the perfect location for all who want to learn more about the culture and history behind this market town and comes with an attractive list of off-site activities and scenic routes.

On this site, you have the choice of using one of our touring and motorhome pitches or hiring caravan accommodation for the duration of your stay, both of which claim a nostalgic riverside view. Alternatively, you can make use of one of our riverside apartments.

So, now we've had a look at some of the features that come with the Weir Meadow Park, what can you do off-site? Well, below we have listed a few activities and locations that you can visit and partake in during your trip to Evesham.

Almonry Heritage Centre

Despite its rather colourful past as a private home, tea rooms and ale house this beautiful 14th century property was bought in 1929 by Evesham Borough Council and it later became a heritage centre.

Today, you can visit the Almonry properties which consist of a fabulous assortment of dated possessions and a number of informative exhibitions that reveal just how much the little town of Evesham has developed and grown; from horticulture to 18th century attire.  However, don't be misled as this is also a wonderful place to visit with the little ones and if you're planning to make a second trip, you can always sign them up for the Junior Almoners Club which offers access for up to 2 events per year, free entry with an attending adult and more for a small fee. Click here for the UK's best touring and motorhome pitches today!

The Regal Cinema

Offering a wide range of blockbusters, renowned classics and more on the big screen, the regal cinema is the place to be for a truly entertaining evening. Complete with a day-time gallery and coffee shop with a wine bar in the late afternoon along with the popular Auditorium bar and Circle, visitors have numerous options in terms of seating and comfort. From double ‘love' chairs to spending the night in a royal box, there are also regular events that are held at this venue including live acoustic sessions, comedy shows and lectures so you have the option to attend whatever meets your fancy.

Evesham Arts Centre

If you're looking for entertainment value but the regal cinema doesn't catch your eye, why not pay a visit to the Evesham arts centre? Here you will experience a diversity of live entertainment, from rock concerts to drama performances, not to mention an inimitable atmosphere.

Now for a little bit of history; constructed in 1978, the Evesham arts centre was built to serve as a community venue as well as a school venue for those interested in theatrical performance. The funding came from donations on behalf of local groups and individuals who possess a grant from the council.

The venue is managed by volunteers and the centre itself is run by the Evesham Arts Association. The Evesham Arts Association is a charity who aims to promote the visual and performing arts; because of this, they offer a collection of events that give community groups and professional artists a time to shine.

These are just 3 activities you can try during your visit to Evesham. If you're interested in booking a last minute caravan holiday on Weir Meadow Park, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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