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Video Diary: Documenting your experience with Allens

  • 7th Nov 2014

Video Diary: Documenting your experience with Allens

A video diary is a great way to document your holiday at, so that you can relive your favourite moments over and over again. Not only do they help to battle the post-holiday blues, video diaries are special and personal; something that can be shown to family down the line. They also mean that you have reminder of your trip away wherever you go and you can continue to add to your diaries on your next holiday adventure. 

So, why not document your experience with Allens and make a video diary during your stay? The views from our parks are second to none and will make the perfect addition to your montage.

In this blog post, we have outlined a few ways that you can create a video diary and document your experience with us to treasure in the years to come. View our informative blogs here.


First of all, you need a device that can record good quality picture; nowadays this can mean pretty much anything from an iPhone to a digital camera. So, choose the device that you'd like to use, preferably something that produces a good picture and picks up sound fairly well and let's get going!

Recording the perfect moment can be a struggle, especially when you just can't seem to hold the camera still and everyone keeps moving out of the frame. If this is the case, it may be worth investing in a small tripod to keep the camera still while the dedicated cameraman records your best holiday moments.


If you're going off-site to the beach or around a local village, remember to bring spares! Spare batteries are an absolute must if you're planning to go on a long trip; you don't want your device running out of charge before your best holiday moment. Also, remember that off-site it can be difficult to keep mobiles fully charged so it's recommended to use a dedicated digital recorder to capture your best shots.

Where to shoot on-site

Allen's Caravans Holiday Home parks have a number of off-site, local facilities to snap and shoot some brilliant shots, but what about on-site? Well, as well as a few of our parks having fishing hotspots and pegs, Severnside, for example, has a heated outdoor swimming pool available in the summer months and a riverside clubhouse; both of which are a haven for funny family snapshots.

If you'd like to visit another park, Weir Meadow also has potential for some nostalgic snaps with its riverside walks and slipway and boat moorings.

We have a number of facilities that are an absolute haven for family snaps, so why not capture the perfect moment today, with Allen's Caravans Holiday Parks

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