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Twists On Popular Board Games

  • 8th Mar 2015

Twists On Popular Board Games

When living on an Allens residential caravan park, it is always a delight to see the grandchildren. You spend weeks preparing to make sure they aren’t bored during their stay, and more often than not, aptly named board games are a fantastic way to avoid a head-in-hands scenario. From Cluedo to The Game of Life, there are so many to choose from that you’re spoilt for choice!
However, instead of sticking to the usual rules of your favourite board games, why not put a twist on them to make them even more fun?
To see what we mean, read on. Below we have compiled just a short list of three popular board games and how you can put a spin on the normal rules of each one.
Snacks and Ladders
We all know and love the game Snakes and Ladders, but how about we make it a little more interesting for little ones? Kids absolutely love little snacks, so why not transform your Snakes and Ladders board into a sweet treat haven and pop a couple of packaged delights on the square the ladder leads up to. This is a great way to encourage a little, light-hearted competition. The kids will want to visit you far more often!
Monopoly Forfeits
Monopoly is an all-time family favourite and it is great fun for everyone. However, instead of your piece just sitting in jail whilst everyone else takes their turn, why not add a forfeit for fun? It could be anything, like singing a silly song, but it will help to make the game even more fun than before and involves every member of the family too!
Is It Payday Yet?
We all know how frustrating the board game ‘Pay Day’ can be, especially when you sell a £20,000 deal only to be faced with numerous bill cards totalling to £9,000. But, instead of making the game easier, why not make it just that little bit harder by adding…you’ve got it; a twist. The twist could be anything. For example, you could have two numbers that mean you have to go backwards on the board and leave you wondering if you’re ever going to get to payday.
Alternatively, you can choose a few cards and give them a completely new meaning! Whatever twist you decide to add, make sure it is fun and entertaining for you and the little ones.
These are just three popular board games and a couple of ways you can put a spin on them. So, next time the little ones come to visit you at one of our residential caravan parks, remember this short list and put a twist on your all-time favourite board games.

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