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Trendsetters: 3 Of Today’s Coolest Caravans

  • 31st Mar 2014

Trendsetters: 3 Of Today’s Coolest Caravans

Caravans are cool. A century back they were the trendsetters and even now they're still showing the world how to holiday in style. From humble beginnings as nothing more than sheds on wheels, caravans have evolved over time to become the impressive and innovative creations they are today. Anything goes when it comes to caravan holidays; retro Airstream trailers, tiny teardrop trailers, iconic Volkswagen campers and luxury static caravans or anything in between. These timeless classics are firm favourites, acting as a testament to the caravan's history and demonstrating the extent to which we can't get enough of caravans - whatever their shape and size. However, in recent years it has been the new kids on the block stealing the spotlight.

The 21st century generation of caravans are something else; they epitomise luxury living, they are architectural masterpieces and they are innovatively designed to be eco-friendly and awe-inspiring in equal part. Here are three of the best high-end, hi-tech and highly desirable caravans the 21st century has to offer:

The iHouse

When you see iSomething you tend to think of the Apple Empire and all of the hi-tech gadgets and gizmos it encompasses. However, the i-House is named thus because it stands for innovation, inspiration, intelligence and integration. The i-House was designed with the future in mind, being a luxury park home on the surface and an ingenious medley of comfort, creativity and eco-friendliness beneath. The i-House weighs a staggering 52,000 lbs and boasts a spacious interior complete with bamboo floors and top quality luxurious features. Outside there is a separate guest room, solar panels and a contemporary v-shaped roof. The i-House costs more than £100 per square foot but thanks to all of its eco-friendly fixtures and energy-efficient ways it costs less than £1 a day to run its heating and electricity. This clever, contemporary design is most definitely the caravan of the future

The Sunset Breeze House

The Sunset Breeze House is a prefabricated park home that is totally eco-oriented, right from its construction to the preparations made for its future energy-efficiency. Designed be eco-architect Michelle Kaufmann the Breeze House is flexible in its structure, eco-friendly, and light and airy. The two-bed two-bath home is 1750 square feet and feels much larger than it actually is because it "borrows" outdoor space. The Breeze Room in the heart of the house is the home's most distinctive feature, a glass-enclosed porch beneath a butterfly shaped roof that acts as the main living space between the more private areas of the home. The outdoor terrace and deck space is equally impressive and just as unlike what you'd normally expect from a prefabricated park home. This contemporary, comfortable and green home is set to be a game-changer in park home design

The Escape Cabin

When we think of caravans and park homes we tend to think of static caravans, log cabins or touring caravans. Very rarely (if ever) do we think of all three rolled into one and yet that is exactly what we have to look forward to seeing more of. Architect and artist Kelly Davis has designed the Escape cabin which is both quaint cabin and road-worthy RV. The luxury cabin was inspired by the recent Tiny House phenomenon which has seen more and more people choose simpler, more mobile lives and homes. The theme behind the Escape is freedom, function and luxury. It has an area of 400 square feet and high quality fittings, including a working fireplace that is 90% more efficient than its standard counterparts. Originally designed to be a high-end cottage rather than an RV, the Escape oozes luxury but gives its owners the freedom to explore the open road without having to leave home. This looks to be the future of the full-works mobile home

These are just three of the fantastic new caravan and park home designs out there. There are prototypes of all shapes and sizes being developed and it is good (not to mention interesting!) to see the caravan take centre stage once again. So if you fancy your own taste of luxury park home life, get in touch with Allens today!

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