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Travel Made Simple

  • 11th Mar 2016

Travel Made Simple

In our lives, we spend a lot of time travelling; to school, to work, to appointments, and the most important one of all – to go on holiday!  We have all got travel and commute horror stories that we love to tell, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer, so much more relaxing if our travels were made much simpler?

Travelling with family and friends is a great way to make memories that will last a lifetime. At the same time, however, travelling alone can be just as rewarding and satisfying for an individual looking for some ‘me time’. Organising a solo or family holiday, be it to a caravan site in the UK or to a resort in the Mediterranean; can be hard work without the right planning and organisation, however. 

Expand your Horizons

If you always choose the same places, resolve to travel somewhere new this year. Shop around and explore the wider world, move out of your comfort zone. For instance, if you always choose a location that is relatively close to home and easy to get to, your travels can become monotonous; picking a new place can be just the right amount of liberation you need!

Staying in a caravan park can be a fun alternative to hotels and bed and breakfasts. Research the locations available to you and choose something the whole family will enjoy; make a change you won’t regret. In fact, your new decision might even be which new caravan site you want to explore first!

Be adventurous while travelling, and look for places that are less touristy and more likely to be an authentic experience; to allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture and way of life. It is always fun to try new things, so take a brave step and opt for something new.

Easy Peasy!

When researching the local area, look into some activities, days out and excursions you can arrange for you and your family on your caravan site holiday.

Scout out local restaurants, country walks and places of interest using the internet. Not only does this allow you better control of the holiday budget, but it also means you are not just rushing it. Too many times people make do with the nearest fast food outlet because they aren’t aware of what is right under their noses!

Checking the weather forecast can be just as important in the UK as it is abroad! Knowing what the weather is going to be doing on any given day means you can squeeze that walk in after breakfast before the showers start in the afternoon.

In case you needed any more persuading, please take a look at our testimonials and see what Allens Caravans can offer you this year, after all, a prepared traveller is a happy traveller!

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