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Top Three Christmas Movies

  • 22nd Dec 2014

Top Three Christmas Movies

Christmas is a time for family and joy. It gives us a chance to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us, and to cherish time spent together.
With Christmas comes a flow of tradition and celebration at Whether you decide to go all-out on your home decorations or practice your gift wrapping skills, there is so much you can do to share the joy of Christmas with others.
From creating little gift baskets for all of your neighbours to organising a Christmas party in your residential park home, the festive season is a time to get together and have some fun.
For now though, let’s look a little closer at a popular 21st century tradition; festive films. Settling down to watch Christmas movies in the weeks leading up to the big day has become a family favourite. Not only is it a lovely way to start the pre-Christmas celebrations, but it gives you and your loved ones a chance to spend time together whilst watching your all-time favourite flicks. View here to celebrate the new year in one of our beautiful caravan parks today!
So if you want to make the most of this festive tradition, start with the top three Christmas movies discussed in the list below.
Home Alone
Home Alone is undoubtedly one of the most popular childhood favourites. The film follows the tale of a family who accidentally leaves their young son behind at Christmas. The boy, Kevin McCallister, must fend off two burglars who target his home in the lead up to Christmas. Through a series of comedic scenarios, tricks and traps, McCallister defends his home and is reunited with his family in time for Christmas.
This witty comedy is a true Christmas favourite for all the family.
Edward Scissorhands
This tear-jerking fantasy never fails to melt our hearts each and every year, when Christmas starts to near. Directed by none other than Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands depicts the story of a social outcast creation who finds love. The twist? As you may have guessed, Edward has scissors for hands. This results in his rise to fame in the suburban area, where he meets a family who take him in.
Remember to pick up a pack of tissues for this one!
A Christmas Carol
Our final Christmas movie is a true classic. This film follows the tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, a hateful character who resents the spirit of Christmas and will do anything to make the lives of those around him miserable. That is until ghosts visit him in his sleep and take him on a wild ride into the past, present and future, to show him a thing or two about his actions.
These are just three Christmas movies to keep an eye out for if you want to celebrate this festive season with cinema.
From all of us here at Allens Caravans, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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