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Top 3 Weird and Wonderful Uses For Caravans

  • 17th Mar 2014

Top 3 Weird and Wonderful Uses For Caravans

Here at Allens we know and understand how iconic the caravan is in British holiday history. Caravan holidays are a part of our culture and something that individuals and families alike look forward to all year long. However, as much as we love seeing people enjoy our parks we appreciate how versatile the caravan is. With that in mind we have compiled a list of the top three weird and wonderful uses for caravans in the leisure and hospitality industry:

Eccentric Eatery

There are a million and one themed restaurants out there these days, all recreating certain eras and atmospheres. Some are popular choices centred around what's on the menu, like the 1960s style Italian-American restaurants or the ultra-trendy Sushi bars. Others are creative concepts that have been imagined in complete isolation from the menu, decided upon purely for their effect. Nevertheless, themed and concept eateries of all shapes and sizes are popular among all ages. Yet, as nice as these purpose built places are, they lack the same character a truly eccentric eatery can possess. This character is better achieved by the sweet eateries popping up in remodelled and reimagined caravans.  

Of course, there are the beloved food carts miniature caravans that are ideal for cooking and storing tasty goods you can takeaway, a key feature for any public event from car boot sales to days at the beach. Then we have the ever popular eateries housed in retro trailers like the iconic Airstream, not to mention the more niche teas shops and snack shops that are an emerging trend with the old teardrop trailers. Yes, cute and quirky caravans were simply made for eccentric eateries.  

Quirky Coffee Shop

All across the UK there is a coffee shop phenomenon. Chain stores, independent cafes, high end tea rooms and artsy coffee houses are a common sight (and smell) in towns and cities everywhere. It doesn't matter if you like a nice herbal tea or a strong Italian espresso - there will be somewhere you can get what you want, just how you want it. However, the competitive coffee shop market is gradually seeing more mobile competition thanks to how on-trend all things cute, quirky and charming are. This competition comes in the form of innovative entrepreneurs who are thinking outside the box (or in this case, the building) and taking the lead with coffee shop caravans.

Some of these quirky coffee shops are staying true to the caravan's roots, keeping it retro and mobile. These particular business models are increasingly seen on beaches and at quaint country events where they fit a treat. On the other hand, some of these clever coffee shops are opting for a sit-in setup, appearing in static rather than mobile caravans. These coffee shops retail the all-important quirkiness and character but they have the added bonus of permanent business premises which encourages customers to return - and let's face it, who wouldn't want to be a regular at a quirky caravan coffee shop?

Portable Pit Stop

Caravans have always been a good place to eat, sleep and chill out. In fact, that was their sole purpose for coming into being. However, the emergence of hotels, motels and other types of accommodation has resulted in the caravan becoming more of a novel accommodation choice than a natural one. Thankfully, recent years have seen a revival of caravans in the accommodation sector. More and more people are taking their family holidays at UK caravan parks; others are investing in their own touring caravan whilst more still are going a step further and setting up caravan hotels.  

Of course, caravan parks and resorts are like big, spacious caravan hotels but the new trend is a little different. There are small sites that have a number of the same tiny trailers encircling a central "campfire" communal area, acting as an outdoor hotel where every room is a caravan. There are also indoor caravan sites which act like a hotel whilst allowing guests to remain self-contained in their respective caravan "rooms". There's even the famous Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon which is an urban escape comprised of bespoke mobile homes in miniature "hotel" community. Strange as it seems, people not only love having somewhere portable to put their down - they love taking it to the next level!

So, it would seem that caravans are coming back and they're taking on a whole new side of the hospitality and leisure industry. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or brand spanking new to the wonderful world of caravan holidays, these weird and wonderful uses of them will no doubt have you excited for a caravan of your own! To find out more about caravan holidays call Allens today!

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