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Top 3 Lifestyles For UK Retirees

  • 17th Apr 2014

Top 3 Lifestyles For UK Retirees

After you've spent your life working for a living it is nice to think about how relaxing life will be upon retirement. There are many ways to make good use of all the free time you end up with when you retire; you can take up a new hobby, devote more time to one you already have or completely revamp your lifestyle. Sounds good doesn't it?

There are lots of ways people make the most of their retirement, from popular activities like golf, arts and crafts and fishing to more adventurous travels around Europe or cruises around the world. Alternatively, some people simply want to see more of the family and enjoy leisurely mornings at home instead of the rush hour rat race their world once was. In this sense, retirement and semi-retirement really is a reward for a busy life full of hard work and responsibility. However, it is also a fantastic opportunity to have new adventures, experiencing new and exciting lifestyles.

In honour of the wonderful new world retirement opens up, we have compiled a list of the top three lifestyles for over 50s. So whether you need a new adventure or you're just curious about what options are out there, read on for inspiration.

Staying at the family home

For some people the phrase home is where the heart is rings true. The home you bought as a young couple or family will always hold a special place in your heart because it is so full of memories and emotions. For this reason it can be difficult to imagine life anywhere else, especially later on in life when you want to be comfortable in familiar surroundings or a base for children and grandchildren. This is why many retired and semi-retired people choose to stay at the family home when they retire, changing aspects of their lifestyle (hobbies, routines, and holidays) rather than totally overhauling it. To see why, check out these Reasons To Stay Put During Retirement.

Life afloat

Life on a narrow boat may seem just a little too idyllic to be a real possibility but it is actually a popular option for many water-loving retirees. Not only does canal life keep you fit, what with all the lock changing and manual labour involved. It is also a great, chilled out way to explore the country. Navigating your way around the UK's network of canals and locks also gives you a rare and interesting perspective of the beautiful countryside, quaint towns and daily bustle of Britain. On top of this, narrow boating has a unique community built around it, with clubs and shows all over the country. The best part of this lifestyle though, is that you get to travel but take all of your home comforts along for the ride.

Residential park home living

For many people, retirement and semi-retirement means downsizing and making life a bit easier; keeping things simple and leisurely. Now with this in mind, it is fair to say that selling one bricks and mortar building for another - though a very traditional way to go about things - is not always the most practical option and it may not offer the lifestyle change you're hoping for. That is why residential caravans have become a popular choice for many over 50s who want a change but also want somewhere comfortable, safe and affordable to live. What's more is that many of these residential caravan parks are located in the most beautiful parts of the country, with a real sense of community and all sorts of activities on offer nearby and onsite. Residential caravan parks are well-kept, affordable sanctuaries, ideal for both active and relaxed over 50s.

For more inspiration regarding the best over 50s lifestyle, see The Telegraph's suggestions here.

Of course, these are just a few of the endless options out there for over 50s to explore. So whether you fancy trying something new on the weekends or starting all over again with a completely new and fascinating lifestyle, remember: the world really is your oyster.

If, on the other hand, you've already made up your mind and you fancy a peaceful life of independence and freedom living in a residential park home then please get in touch! Here at Allens we are always happy to help you improve your quality of life and satisfy your sense of adventure.

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