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Top 3 Beach Activities for Family Holidays

  • 5th Aug 2014

Top 3 Beach Activities for Family Holidays

Sunbeach is one of Allen's most beautiful sites and with summer on its way, it holds a lot of potential for holiday home owners who enjoy leisurely strolls on the beach and idyllic views when the sun starts to set or rise. Equipped with its own beach frontage and a variety of facilities including a heated outdoor swimming pool (open exclusively for the summer months), as well as a teenage games room, Sunbeach is home away from home for those who need a break from a hectic lifestyle. 

During your stay and your daily visit to the beach, you can get stuck in with a myriad of traditional activities; from classic arcade games to grabbing an ice-cream on your way down to the shore, you can enjoy simple summer pleasures whilst you see what the day holds.

Once you've exhausted all of the classic beach options though, why not give our fun beach activity suggestions a try!

Sand Sculptures

Creating sand sculptures is a little challenging if you are aiming for something along the lines of the thinking man, but it is so much fun and great for getting both young children and teens involved! Not only will it help to kill a few hours while you work on your tan, the end results will look fantastic and pictures of them will make an amazing canvas for your caravan's living room, dining area or even bedroom! You'll need plenty of wet sand to create your sculpture and, of course, a theme. You could try your hand at a few baby turtles, a mermaid or - if you're feeling a bit daring - a crab.

Sand sculptures are also a great way to make friends on the beach as they can draw a lot of attention and if you need a helping hand, there will be more than a few passing visitors or residents who will be happy to assist!

If sculptures seem like a little too much work, you can also create a couple of sea monsters out of pebbles and shells or write a message in the sand using stones you find on the beach. Again, because this activity will make for a brilliant photograph display at home, you have the added bonus of being able to take a piece of your holiday with you.

Ping Pong Race

For this game you will need to make a few channels in the sand and find a couple of ping pong balls to play with. The aim of the game is to get your ping pong ball to the end of the channel first by blowing it down the sand channel. You will need to make sure the channels are smooth enough to carry the ball without it getting stuck and that the channels are of equal length. Then it is time to get going! Not only is this game incredibly fun, you can turn it into a light-hearted competition with a special prize at the end i.e. the winner gets an ice-cream or £1 to spend at the arcade! Click here to see our gorgeous beach side caravan holiday park in Wales and get booking a trip away today!

Mini Golf (Beach Style)

Like the ping pong race game, you will need to create several channels and at the end, dig a hole for the ball to ‘putt' into. All you need is a minimum of two players, some small plastic balls and golf clubs and then you can get started! You can turn this beach style mini golf game into a fun competition with a great prize at the end of the tournament. You never know, your golf course might just attract some new players on the beach!

Of course, these are just three of the fun activities you can try on your next UK family holiday with There are plenty of other ways to keep everyone occupied on the beach this summer, just be creative and remember to have fun! Do you have any more ideas of your own that you would like to share? 

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