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It's amazing what you can do with caravan interiors. With a little bit of elbow grease, a pinch of creativity and bags full of imagination, you can transform your run-down touring vehicle into a vintage, modern or unique haven for your next UK family holiday.     

Caravan design offers you the opportunity to truly express yourself through your space. Like home interiors, caravan interiors come in endless different combinations – the only major difference is the amount of space you have to work with. Creating a cosy but airy touring caravan design is a challenge, but that's exactly what makes it so fun!

Here at Allens Caravans, we've seen countless caravan interiors, some contemporary, some vintage and some just outright unusual! Using our team's expert eye, we've put together this list of touring and static caravan interior ideas to help give you a little inspiration on your mission for the perfect caravan design. Each design idea is from Pinterest, so you can be sure that they're easy to access and save. We hope this helps!

A Glass of Wine for the Lady…

Instead of disposing of your old, vintage wine boxes, why not do what this clever camper has done and turn them into custom-made drawers and cupboard fronts? Not only do these curious additions contrast fabulously with the sleek, bright red stove, but they also introduce a lovely blend of light-coloured wood that looks incredible when matched with the yellow outline surrounding the cupboards and drawers. An A* for this interior project!

‘There's a Vintage Which Comes with Age and Experience'

A famous quote from none other than Jon Bon Jovi, this delightfully delicate caravan retreat comes complete with classic black and white checked flooring and, of course, a dash of floral that looks beautiful matched against the light yellow furniture. Yellow is a challenging colour to use in all forms of interior decorating, but this caravan owner has got the balance just right, taking a yellow that isn't too bright and breaking it up with strips of white. Complete with floral bunting, curtains, a tablecloth and even a splash of floral design on the pillows, it does well to avoid dominating the view and is a true picture of vintage perfection.

Map of the World

This is definitely one of our favourites. Pasting maps of the world onto the interior walls is a great idea that shows off the passions and interests of this caravan owner. Plus, you can even use the maps to document where you've travelled, immortalising the memories of your journeys so that they stay with you forever.

This idea works particularly well as a touring caravan interior idea because you can change the maps that you use depending on where you're travelling and what you're doing. It's unique, it's interesting and it's practical, what's not to love?

All the Little Lights

If you're the type of person who loves to mix and match colours, patterns and designs then you'll love this camper's room adaptation! Complete with gorgeous mix-match pillows and floral duvet with a patched underside, this room is perfect for the little ones or even a guest. For us, the lights really make this little room special and help to add a touch of comfort and nostalgia.

Home is Where the Heart is

This interior is very different from the others we've listed so far, however, it's gorgeous nonetheless and its unique personal touch makes it all the more special. With a homey, rustic feel, this interior is complete with a dark-coloured rug, bucolic cupboards and drawers and dark yellow walls. This owner really is in the camping spirit! Comfortable and cute, who wouldn't want to spend a night in this beautifully designed caravan?

Gypsy Wagon

We've changed the tone again with this one and it definitely won't be for everyone, but you simply can't deny the inventiveness and uniqueness of this caravan interior. Described as a ‘Gypsy Wagon', this caravan space is intricately adorned and furnished, making it incredibly impactful and unique. We like to imagine that this is how medieval royalty would have travelled!

Modern and Contemporary

If you like to mix clean colours with interesting patterns, this static caravan interior idea is guaranteed to get you inspired. By combining a predominantly monochrome colour scheme with a variety of curious pieces and textures, this caravan interior is able to be both elegant and modern at the same time. The use of the pillows, the drawer handles and the small plants are also a tiny but necessary addition, helping to add just enough colour to make sure that you don't feel as though you're in a black and white film. This is perfect for the modern caravan owner!

Say Yes to Retro

As retro slowly creeps back into fashion, now is the time to suit up your caravan like an old-school 50s diner just like this caravan owner has. The appliances, tools and finishes are perfect for that retro feel – all that's missing is a classic Coca-Cola poster and some checked flooring. If you're a fan of bright colours, this type of caravan design is a brilliant way to incorporate them whilst keeping the space simple and unobtrusive.

Simple Doesn't Mean Boring

This beautiful caravan interior is a brilliant example of why simple, clean caravan designs are great. Many people feel like clean designs are boring and uninteresting, but this interior is a clear example of why that's not the case. White walls create an airy, bright atmosphere, a lack of clutter makes the caravan feel more spacious and the dashes of mismatched colour and patterns give it a homely finish. This is easy and it looks great, so it definitely deserves a place on our list.

Kitsch Caravans are the Right Type of Loud

Kitsch designs have always been a love/hate affair. However, over recent years the kitsch way of bright, intense, clashing patterns has started to become increasingly commonplace in the world of fashion, particularly as vintage clothing and designs have become more widely praised. The same applies to interior design. This kitsch caravan interior is a huge mishmash of colours, patterns and designs. The patterns are primarily floral and even the bunting does its job of adding more colour into the room. This might have been too much in a dark room, but the stark white background of the caravan walls make it work. If you like bright, bold styles, then this is definitely the one for you!

So, there you have it, our top 10 caravan interior designs on Pinterest! How will you design your caravan interior?

Here at Allens Caravans, we have a range of holiday parks and residential parks designed to help our visitors feel right at home with a collection of wonderful facilities. Please feel free to browse through our parks or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team today.

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