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Three Alternatives to a Winter Campfire

  • 24th Nov 2014

Three Alternatives to a Winter Campfire

Part of the fun of winter is huddling around a warm, toasty fire and sharing stories of how this year turned out. However, in terms of health and safety, building your own campfire out of twigs and dry leaves perhaps isn't the best idea if you are planning to spend this season in your holiday home.

Don't fret though, as there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. These ‘campfire' substitutes are great if you are concerned about safety, or if your particular park doesn't allow open flames. Not only are they equally satisfying in terms of winter comfort, but they also work as a long-term, all-season solution when night finally settles.

So, if you are interested in finding out more about campfire substitutes, read on. Listed below are just three alternatives to a winter campfire.

Portable Fire Pit

If you are after heat on a chilly evening, portable fire pits can be a great option. Many come with a lid to keep the roaring flames under control, and there are lots of styles and designs available too. They are also reasonably priced, making them the perfect option for those on a budget.

Before you bring it along to the holiday home though, you should always check with your chosen park that you are allowed to use it. This way, you can avoid disappointment and prepare in advance with one of the other campfire alternatives listed below. View our gorgeous holiday homes here!

LED Lighting

If, however, you favour light over temperature, LED lighting is a great way to go. You can pop a strip of LED lighting inside a couple of clean jars for a lovely glow. You could also get creative by decorating and painting the jars. This will make them personal and promise a colourful display of light.

You can either re-use empty jars or purchase some decorative ones from a craft shop.  This alternative is cheap and cheerful, as well as being something everyone can share and enjoy.


Last but certainly not least, camping lanterns are great if you are looking to illuminate your pitch. All you need is a couple of lanterns to make your holiday home exterior feel inviting and cosy. Lanterns are also great if you fancy a late night stroll around the site, and can help to save on energy inside the home too. They are fairly cheap and can be picked up at almost any camping store.

Using one or a combination of these three alternatives, you can create the perfect holiday home experience this winter. To add to the fun, you could always invite the neighbours over for a spot of good company and chitchat, not forgetting a nibble on some seasonal treats. So make the most of your winter with Allens Caravans and a campfire alternative.


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