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The Holiday Personality: Who Are You?

  • 11th Jul 2015

The Holiday Personality: Who Are You?

Back in 2013, The Travel Supermarket conducted research that looked at how and why people’s personalities and social interactions change when they are on holiday. They defined the phenomenon as ‘Holiday Personality Syndrome’.
During the study, they discovered that holidays offered the ideal environment for people to temporarily shed their everyday skin and reinvent themselves or, at least, their approach to life. These alternate personalities were then categorised as four personality types, corresponding to the Myers-Briggs classifications.
Though the study focused primarily on holidaymakers going abroad, we thought it was an interesting concept, even for those staycationers who felt a little freer at their holiday home.
So read on to see the four holiday personalities, and try to figure out which (if any) apply to you and your holiday cohorts.
The Commander (ENTJ)
An extroverted personality type, the Commander is a natural leader, which makes them the sensible choice for the one in charge of the holiday itinerary. Their strengths will lie in the organisation of activities, and their responsible nature will ensure they are good with the budget.
Social, for the most part, especially if everyone is sticking to the well-thought-out plans, the Commander thrives in group activities; be it sorting them out or taking part in them.
The Inspirer (ENFP)
Still extroverted, but less forceful than the Commander, the Inspirer will be the more motivated and optimistic individual in your group. Such traits will likely result in them rising at the crack of dawn, ready to go exploring and make this the best holiday ever.
These excitable personalities seek adventure, and they have lots of energy to expend in their holiday activities. When it comes to compiling the itinerary though, they prefer to be democratic so that everyone enjoys themselves. The best activities for the Inspirer? Something fun to suit their good sense of humour.
The Idealist (INFP)
The Idealist is the ultimate social butterfly and a friend to all. They get along with a vast range of different personalities and are always willing to make friends. As such, on one of our parks, you’re likely to find them at the leisure complex or attending an event in the social hall or clubhouse. They are the ideal types to have at mixers where everyone is still getting acquainted because they will encourage conversation and friendships.
With a caring nature and considerate of others, the Idealist is most likely to go with the flow to avoid conflict or criticism. It is this laid-back attitude that makes them so easy to get along with because they are happy for others to take the lead and willing to join in on any adventure.
The Performer (ESFP)
Characterised as the life and soul of a party (or in our case, caravan holiday), the Performer is an extroverted personality whose life purpose is to ensure everyone has the time of their lives. They inject fun into every activity, whether that’s a game of bowls, a walk around the park or a day exploring the heart of England’s national treasures.
A downside to this holiday personality is that they aren’t great with budgeting, often spending frivolously in the name of fun. They also tend to go a little stir crazy stuck inside all day, so they are best left to wander beyond the four walls of your holiday home.
These charming personalities attract people with their warmth and relatability, and they genuinely enjoy new experiences shared with those closest to them. 
And there you have the four holiday personality types to watch out for. Can you relate to any of them? Now think hard about the group you share your caravan holiday with…do you recognise any personality traits.
It’s certainly food for thought, and whilst the ideal combination would be one or two of each personality type in your group, the truth is that a caravan holiday with, will ensure everyone has a good time!

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