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The Christmas Tree Alternatives

  • 12th Nov 2014

The Christmas Tree Alternatives

Here in the offices at we agree that space saving can be a pain. It really can be the bearer of bad news when it comes to the festive season though. However, not having enough room for a traditional tree needn’t be a festive downer this year. Instead, embrace the lack thereof.

We have brought together a few homely and festive methods that will allow you to forget all about the missing tree. In fact, we could be onto something here. We think our seasonal decorations are so great; we may have outdone the tree altogether, but you can be the judge of that.

Branch out

Branches, twigs and leaves can really be things of true beauty when it comes to the winter months. A spider’s carefully spun, delicate web covered in icy droplets, the grass rigid with the frost of the night before and the trees that are bare apart from a dusting of fresh white snow. Nature has presented itself as the perfect alternative to having to bring the tree indoors. All those single, adorable decorations with the little red ribbons will look perfect on the winter-blushed branches surrounding your residential caravan park. Click here to view our luxury parks!

A little ribbon goes a long way

Some things are just made for the festive period, and ribbon is one of those items. A thick tartan ribbon tied anywhere can create small elements of seasonal cheer. Red, gold and green are colours that will best serve the season and create a warm, homely and inviting atmosphere for your residential park home.

Consider using it on wreaths, around door handles or along windowsills. It’s also fantastic to hang mini stockings from, not to forget for decorating wrapped gifts too.

Ceiling hanging ornaments

Ceiling decorations and hanging artefacts are particularly popular in places with high ceilings, however, don’t let this stop you. If you can affix some extra decorations to lampshades without creating risks, then go for it. Take inspiration from shopping centres or town centre decorations. Plus, don’t forget if you don’t have access to an easy hanging option, there is always sticky tack or ‘no nails’ style affixing.


Christmas decorations in the form of ornaments can make for a less aggressive way of decorating your home during the festive season. Items such as fireplace additions and even table centrepieces can be enough to create a subtle and warming air of Christmas amidst your normal homely wears.

These suggestions are just that, but one thing we can guarantee is that if you do decide to turn to these alternatives you’ll want to stick with them. Don’t forget that a lot of these ideas allow for plenty of creativity, and you can go all out on the accessories too! Or better yet get in touch with us here at Allens Caravans and give us your Christmas tips!

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