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The ABCs of Residential Park Life

  • 3rd Jun 2015

The ABCs of Residential Park Life

Residential park life caters for all lifestyles, whether you are after total serenity or a community full of life. With a number of residential parks situated around the UK, Allens Caravans can offer the best of both worlds to all who relocate to one of our sites. On the contrary, nearby towns can accommodate for more adventurous souls who love to get out and about and you have a stunning, well-maintained park with plenty to do.
With summer on its way as well, what better time to make the decision to begin life on a residential caravan park. Not only will you have the opportunity to soak up the sun before it hides away behind the clouds as we move into autumn, but there is also so much to do during this season that it can’t all be crammed into daily drives.
No longer will hours be wasted travelling in an effort to make the most of summer 2015 when everything you need is on and only a short distance from Allens Caravans’ parks.
If, however, you’d prefer to stay on your plot this summer, see below for the ABCs of residential park life. These are just a few ideas to enjoy the summer sun and relax as we move from season to season.
Alfresco Lunches

Nothing compares to enjoying a lovely, fresh meal outside, and summer offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Alfresco lunches though, are best spent in company, so consider inviting your neighbours over to tuck into a delightful, refreshing salad or homemade buffet. You can even prepare your own drinks and cocktails too, for a real dining experience.
Beautify Your Plot
Summer isn’t just prime time for alfresco affairs though, as many individuals decide to try their hand at home improvement during this season too. So, why not beautify your plot with a spot of gardening! You can choose seasonal flowers and plants to last until autumn such as Dahlias and Gauras. Both of these flowers are sure to enhance the aesthetics of your plot whilst encouraging bees and butterflies to pay a visit.
Wherever you move, the community you live in is important, which is why so many residents love our residential parks. With a friendly atmosphere and buzz, you are sure to be welcomed into the community with open arms! So, what can you do to bring fellow residents ever-closer?
Well, with the sunny season on its way, small summer fetes, complete with finger foods, games and refreshing beverages and trips to nearby towns comes to mind. You can organise the former with your friends and invite all residents to spend an afternoon or evening on your plot, for smiles and fun all around.
The latter, however, is just as fun, especially if you have a few shoppers in your community!
So, try these few ideas this summer or invite a few friends over and come up with a couple of your own! Whatever you decide to do in the upcoming sunny season, don’t forget to send a postcard to your friends and family off-site!

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