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Summer Caravans: Beach-Themed Interior

  • 17th May 2014

Summer Caravans: Beach-Themed Interior

With summer inching ever closer, it's time to think about revamping our old and battered caravan and transforming it into a wonderful summertime-inspired vehicle ready for your UK family holiday. In this blog post Allen's Caravans will be taking a look at just a few ideas you can use to turn your rundown caravan vehicle into a beach-themed paradise.

Sea Shell Windchimes

Now a personal favourite of mine is those sea shell wind chimes that you can pick up at pretty much any gift store or beach market, but instead of just buying one and hanging it up, why not be a little more creative? If you're taking the kids away for the trip, why not head down to the beach and let them pick out the sea shells themselves? Not only does it get the kids involved with something new and exciting, it also lets you bring out your arty side.

To create one, all you need are a few tools to push through the shells to make a hole and a bit of fishing wire for the shells to hang on. For the tools, it is advised to use either scissors or a pocket knife and of course, it's better to leave the crafty bits to the adults. Simply choose a shell, preferably a large one and hang a few smaller ones below to create your sea shell wind chime!

Table Centre Piece

If you're someone who absolutely loves centrepieces and little decorations around the home or caravan, then you'll love a beach-themed centrepiece for sure and the best part is, you can even pop a little candle in the middle to get the full effect! All you need is a big rounded jar and a trip down the beach to collect some sea shells, sand and if you're lucky, maybe even a collectible starfish shell (top tip: if you can't find this shell, maybe pop down to the local beach gift shop and see if you can find one!)

After you have your sand and shells, half fill your bowl with the sand and place the shells however you want them; remember you'll need a bit of space in the middle to place your candle. Next, purchase a glass candle holder that covers all or most of the candle. Then, place the candle in the bowl and voila! You have yourself a miniature beach centrepiece! Alternatively, you can fill an edged plate with sand; place the sea shells in the middle and the candles around the edge for a pretty table piece!


Pretty much any art and crafts or furniture shop you walk into will offer a variety of summer signs to hang on your door or caravan wall or even the chance to make your own! Cute logos and beach-inspired sayings can look fantastic in a caravan and can make your home away from home look and feel more inviting and comfortable. Also, they're affordable so if you can't pick between your favourites, why not get them both! Chances are you'll find a place for them in your caravan. For cute signs, check out sites like The Range, John Lewis and Pinterest for ideas. Click here to read more about our stunning range of holiday parks around the UK!

These are just 3 ways you can transform your caravan into a beach-like paradise! Do you have any more ideas you'd like to share with us here at, if so feel free to let us know and we will give you a mention in our blog section!

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