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Summer at the Lake: What’s Not to Love?

  • 7th Jul 2015

Summer at the Lake: What’s Not to Love?

When the weather warms up and everyone shifts into summer mode, the change is almost palpable. People seem more relaxed, the pace of life is slower, and there’s always something to do…even if you’re doing nothing at all.
But where can you go to while away your summer days?
Plenty of people will choose the jet-set lifestyle, but this can prove to be an expensive and stressful option. Similarly, staycations at home, with the odd day trip away are fun, but they don’t offer the same escape as going somewhere new.
For the best of both worlds, that is, somewhere new to explore and enjoy, which is still conveniently close in comparison to destinations like France and Italy, a caravan holiday in the UK offers the best solution.
In particular, a summer spent at the lake in our Overstone Park.
This park’s picturesque Northamptonshire location offers plenty in the way of natural beauty, right on your doorstep. Additionally, the tranquil atmosphere is ideal for those who want a peaceful break to reset, recharge, and really make the most of lazy summer days.
As for spending your summer at the lake, there is a lot to be said for this particular choice of location. You see, bodies of water beautiful to look at and relaxing to be around, especially lakes like ours, which are surrounded by leafy woodland and lots of paths to get lost wandering down. Waterside locations also ensure you have plenty to do, if and when you feel like it. Click here to view our gorgeous range of residential parks today!
So if sitting down, soaking up the rays and enjoying an ice cold drink is a little too slow for your liking one day, rest assured that the water holds more than enough potential for activities.
You can ease yourself into things by spotting wildlife, or perhaps you would prefer the superb fishing Overstone Lakes offers? Alternatively, if you fancy a little more action, you can enjoy a lakeside walk or a swim in the outdoor pool (let the fish have the lake to themselves).
And at the end of the day, when you have to peel yourself away from your picture-perfect spot at the lake, you can relax in one of our luxury holiday homes. High quality and full of creature comforts, as well as just a hop, skip and jump from the lake you’ll come to love so much, our caravans are the perfect home away from home for your summer at the lake.
Browse our site and take a better look at this Northamptonshire treasure, or get in touch with us directly, and book a summer at the lake – what’s not to love?

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