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Stay Healthy This Winter

  • 24th Nov 2016

Stay Healthy This Winter

Winters is well and truly on its way! The days are getting colder and that chill in the air lingers the whole day long. There may even be a morning frost on the horizon! With that in mind, you may want to think about how the cold will affect your health this year. While our residential park homes are every bit as comfortable and accessible as traditional homes during the winter, but that's not to say you can't help keep that chill away!

To ensure you and your home are as warm and cosy as can be this winter, we've got some tips to guarantee you avoid a trip to the doctors.

Use a Heater

When it is really chilly outside, you can often feel it in your toes for a good few hours later. If you notice the chill, be prepared! You can keep your house warmer by setting the timer on your heater to ensure that your home is warm and cosy at all times.

As well as helping you thaw out after a brisk afternoon walk, keeping your heater ticking over will prevent your pipes from freezing over and potentially bursting from the cold - a cost you could do without over the festive period! Remember to keep your home ventilated and open windows to let fresh air in to circulate at least once a day.

While hot water bottles are very traditional, electric blankets are also a wonderful way of warming up your bed!

Have a warm Breakfast

Start your day in style with a warm breakfast - it not only warms you up but is will also give you the energy you need to fight off the coldness outside. Popular warm breakfasts include toast and porridge, which are both great at all times of the year but especially when it's cold outside.

Porridge and seeded or wholemeal bread are also great sources of fibre and energy to keep you going until lunch time.  Not your cup of tea? Why not add warm milk to your cereal or make breakfast muffins with some yoghurt instead of fruit!

Another warm breakfast that we love is a full English - it can't be beaten!

Layer up!

When it gets colder, it can be tempting to wear thick, heavy knits and winter clothing. While seasonal clothing is great, another way of keeping warm is to layer lightweight clothes such as vests, t-shirts and jumpers with trousers and boots - and not forgetting the extra pair of socks!          

When you layer your clothes, you are giving yourself room to regulate your body temperature with ease.

When leaving the house in winter, it is important to protect your extremities! We're talking your head, hands and feet so make sure you have a hat, gloves and scarf on standby and a pair of sensible waterproof and warm shoes to wear when you venture away from your residential park home for supplies or some fresh air.

With just a little know-how, you'll be able to stay healthy and warm this winter!

If you're wondering what life in our residential park homes is like, you can find out more by clicking here.

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