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Spring-Summer 2015: Prime Times for Fishing

  • 15th Mar 2015

Spring-Summer 2015: Prime Times for Fishing

So, spring has all but arrived, and our parks are filling up fast with people in need of weekend breaks and relaxing holidays. Of course, with the leisurely travellers come plenty of people looking to enjoy one of our fishing holidays across the UK’s best spots.
As always, fishing is a game of patience and perseverance. As well as those two virtues though, it is also a game of timing. Experienced anglers will know the best times and conditions, but some of you might need a bit of advice or even a bit of a refresher.
That is why we have put together this quick guide to the prime times for fishing, ready for spring and summer 2015.
Early Morning

During spring, the mornings aren’t a great time to fish. The fish don’t bite because the water is so cold, due to the low sun which struggles to heat it up. However, the recent end to winter means that fish are in need of food, and they are spawning, so you might find that certain areas of water are a hive of activity.
Late Morning to Early Afternoon

As the water starts to warm up a little, fish begin to bite a little more. You should make the most of the spring breezes though, and fish downwind of the shoreline as this is where the wind will push the warmer water, and with the warmer water comes the fish.
Early Evening

When early evening rolls around, the fish are ready to eat. The position of the sun means the water is warmer, so their metabolism is peaking, and they are wide awake and hungry. This means the water will be abuzz, and you have more chance of a catch. For the UK's best fishing holiday experiences, then look no further than right here!

Early Morning to Late Afternoon

Between the dawn and mid-morning, you are in prime fishing time during the summer. The temperature is just right for the fish, but you will struggle to find hungry fish because they have plenty of naturally occurring shelter and food.
Late Morning to Early Afternoon

Fish like warm water, but not too warm. As the summer day goes on, your fishing potential peters off as the fish retreat to cooler (deeper) water. This is fine if you just want a lazy day by the lake or river, but is not ideal if you want to make some good catches.
Early Evening

During summer, the early evening is a great time to fish, with plenty of activity in the water. From dusk until dark, with the cooler water, you will see plenty of fish. So you can relax all day and still catch a spot of premier fishing before supper.
Points of Interest

Hot days make for lazy fish and slow days for anglers. Cold blooded fish cannot adapt to exceptionally warm or exceptionally cold temperatures. They tend to retreat to quiet, more oxygenated corners and rest.
The middle of the day is generally too hot and too bright for fish. Early morning, just before and just after dawn, and early evening, around dusk, are prime fishing times. Mid-morning is best because the shallow water is likely to have warmed to the perfect temperature for your scaly friends.
Pay attention to the temperature because your bait, speed and strategy will depend on how hot or cold the water is.
Weather Conditions

Wind is a big deal when it comes to fishing, and everything from its speed to its direction will dictate your fishing experience. You will need to anticipate how you cast your rod, where the wind and subsequent current will blow the fish, and what fish will brave winds and which will retreat.
Storms and changeable weather are something that affects fishing because fish are sensitive to weather and atmospheric conditions. Pre-cold front, fish are generally hungrier, but post-storm, fish are less keen.
If it is overcast, or if there is light rain, your chances of catching something tend to improve. These conditions make the shallow water a more appealing place for fish, whilst rain on the surface of the water means fish can’t see you so easily. Make the most of these days.
And there you have a quick guide to spring and summer fishing. Now all you need to do is put our guide to the test by booking yourself a luxury fishing holiday with Allens Caravans. So browse our site and get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you!

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