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Spatial Awareness

  • 15th Jan 2016

Spatial Awareness

Material possessions are important to many of us; they are our memories, our escape and our enjoyment. When it comes to streamlining our most prized possessions for a road trip or getaway, knowing what to take and what to leave behind can leave many people in a pickle. When packing up and getting on the road in a caravan, however, the need to travel light becomes even more prevalent.

Caravan homes in residential parks are more and more common, as well as holiday tourers. The necessity of minimal personal effects becomes apparent when you live in space as small as a caravan - which many of our customers and, indeed, residents will attest to.

With that in mind, we have collected some hints and tips that might just allow you to squeeze in your favourite books or another pair of shoes.

  • Pack the bare minimum when it comes to clothes - many UK caravan parks have laundry facilities available so make the most of them
  • Stock up on food staples such as rice, pasta and a few tinned goods to keep you going but buy the rest when you are pitched - this way you won't take more than you need. Remember salt, pepper and seasonings!
  • Attach sliding baskets underneath your cupboards for additional kitchen space
  • Nested cookware and pans save space in cramped caravan kitchens - it is also worth noting: do you really need a full set of pans?
  • A removable hob cover will give you extra worktop space when the cooker is not in use
  • Hooks, everywhere - hooks on the back of doors, inside cupboards and along walls to hang essential items will save you kitchen, bedroom and bathroom space. You can even hang up your washing basket to save on floor space
  • Metallic strips are great for keeping certain items that always seem to go missing in a place where you can find them - think keys, scissors and tweezers
  • Store ‘cold serve', non-perishable items like beer and canned beverages under fixed seating. These stay cool and free up fridge space - win-win!
  • Utilise any under-bed / seating/cupboard space as necessary
  • Use multi-hangers for clothes
  • Collapsible space savers like wardrobe hangers  and drawer compartments are great for keeping organised and on top of minimal space
  • You can even get external storage boxes for bulkier items

So, there you have it. Your caravan home from home doesn't have to contain the bare bones of your life, even though we must be conservative when packing! Utilise some or all of these handy tips to increase storage space in your caravan and feel relaxed and at home in no time.

Visit our website for more information regarding caravans, UK caravan parks and all your caravan home needs when on the road.

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