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Smart Swaps: US vs. UK Hotspots

  • 31st Mar 2015

Smart Swaps: US vs. UK Hotspots

So many people dream of jetting off abroad when they retire, with many planning mammoth road trips and tours of the USA. Of course, while America has more than a few spectacular sights and experiences to enjoy, it can prove a costly affair.
Instead of spending your entire nest egg on one or two warp-speed, jam-packed trips, why not stay closer to home and make everything go a little further? There are hidden hotspots right here in the UK that offer the same kind of excitement and experience as those across the pond. Plus, as well as being more cost-effective, they are all easily accessible or conveniently located near our UK caravan parks.
Read on to see what smart swaps you can make to enjoy an adventurous life, without breaking the bank.
Swap: New York
For: Bristol

New York is one of the biggest cities on the planet and one of the most popular destinations for tourists of all ages. There is something for everyone, with history, art, culture and a vibrant bar and coffee house scene. Of course, Bristol is not quite on the same scale as the Big Apple but it does have its fair share of history, culture and a vibrant social scene, with just a smidgen of British quirkiness.
Swap: The Las Vegas Strip
For: Broadway, Birmingham

If ever there was an example or glitz, glamour and life in excess, the world-famous Las Vegas Strip is it. Thousands flock to the desert city every day, to watch the shows, bathe themselves in the unique neon glow, and take a spin around the iconic casinos. Now, whilst Birmingham’s Broadway casino isn’t quite on Vegas’ scale, it is a wonderful destination and a great experience for all. You can enjoy the Rat Pack feel, without having to spend your winnings just to get there.
Swap: Monument Valley
For: The Peak District

Monument Valley is one of the United States’ most iconic landscapes. Carved over millennia, with deep red hues and breath-taking views from every angle, there are few spots more hypnotising. As awe-inspiring as Monument Valley is though, our own Peak District should not be forgotten. With its cliffs, dips, climbs, and romantically rugged landscape, this National Park is bound to take your breath away long before you think about arid hotspots anywhere else.
Swap: New Orleans
For: Brighton

New Orleans is a city as infamous as they come. According to tourist guides and locals, the Louisiana gem has a dark side, but an intriguing one at that. Its modern melting pot of vibrant culture is proudly steeped in a rich history, with iconic events like Mardi Gras and the unique music scene becoming standout features. Brighton may not offer the exact same experience as New Orleans, but it does have its own vibrant life, with lots of cultural events, arts and history, not to mention some stunning beaches and intriguing architecture.
Swap: Chicago
For: Stratford-upon-Avon

Anyone familiar with playwright William Shakespeare or the history of the Midlands will know the town of Stratford-upon-Avon. The rich history and playhouse scene is a quintessentially British take on the bright lights and billboards of Chicago. Chicago is one of the Mid-West’s most impressive hubs, and it offers plenty in the way of lakeside walks, historical tours and performing arts to enjoy. It is unique in its character too, just like Stratford, which offers its own riverside lifestyle and activity roster.
These five smart swaps are just the beginning. There are so many interesting, unique and stunning things to see and do in the UK that you needn’t crack out the credit cards or passport just yet. You want to enjoy all of your extra free time, and that means keeping an eye on finances as well as living life to the full.
So consider investing in a UK holiday home, in an area that holds more than enough to keep you occupied. You will have a comfortably cosy base that allows you to enjoy a touch of luxury, but you won’t have to suffer a day’s worth of flights or pay through the nose for the privilege. Just get in touch with today to see what park and what caravan is your perfect fit!

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