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Shop, Stock and Go! Get Ready for Camping Month!

  • 13th May 2015

Shop, Stock and Go! Get Ready for Camping Month!

June might seem like forever away as we dream up plans for the summer, whilst battling stubborn April showers that have stuck around for May. However, if you are a caravan lover or a holiday homeowner, especially one getting ready for Camping Month in June, these few weeks are going to fly by. 
Yes, June kicks summer off with Camping Month, which is all about embracing and enjoying the life that comes with camping and caravanning.
Pitching fiddly tents and prepping the caravan, exploring the great outdoors, and appreciating the beautiful British countryside really is what it is all about.
Of course, you can’t just roll up or roll out on 1st June without any planning. So you’ll want to take time this May to organise everything, stock up on essentials and discover new things to do in your chosen destination.
To give you a few ideas of what you’ll need to sort out before June arrives, we’ve popped together the below guide. Read on for more.
The Basics

Start at the beginning. Make a list of the essentials that won’t eat anything if they are sorted out a few weeks in advance. If you need to buy things, like sleeping bags and towels, start looking for deals and purchase them within plenty of time (this will also give you time to wash new sheets, towels, etc.). On the other hand, if you already have the basics for your holiday home or caravan holiday, spend the weeks leading up to the holiday making sure everything is washed, cleaned and in good condition.
The Boredom-Busters

Once you have the basics, you need to address your activities. If you’ll be swimming, make sure everyone has costumes, goggles and other such staples. If you’re fishing, check your kit. Crafting? Stock up on supplies.
Look into entertainment options near your caravan too. Are there any shows or festivals? Fetes or special events? Attractions and experiences?
Even if you plan on staying closer to home, you can get in touch with friends on the park and organise a BBQ complete with tasty s'more's, or you can grab enough DVDs and board games to provide a week’s worth of evening entertainment. Just make sure you have something to keep you busy on a rainy day.
The Last-Minute Buys

Last but not least, you’ll have your last-minute buys. Now, other than the suntan lotion you forgot to pack, these last-minute purchases should be perishables that can’t be bought and stored too far in advance.
You will need to stock the kitchen, as well as grab all the necessary toiletries, and perhaps cleaning products to give your holiday home a once-over after your stay. Go shopping with a list though, to avoid overspending and impulse buying, which not only wastes valuable budget, but also takes up unnecessary and otherwise very useful space. Follow this link to view our range of holiday homes.
Now, these hints and tips are just a starting point. How you stock up and what you do to prep for Camping Month will depend on your specific plans and preferences; for example, a fishing holiday in the Midlands will differ significantly from a family holiday on the Welsh coast.
So decide where you want to go, or remind yourself of what you need for the holiday home, and then get busy getting ready. Summer, June and Camping Month will be here sooner than you think!

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