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Sea life in Wales: Dolphin-Spotting Hotspots

  • 23rd May 2014

Sea life in Wales: Dolphin-Spotting Hotspots

The waters of Cardigan Bay are crawling with bottlenose dolphins, so much so that you'd be terribly unlucky not to spot one during your summertime caravan holiday with Allen's Caravans. Dolphin spotting can be so much fun and can even be turned into a competition with you and your family along the lines of ‘whoever spots the most dolphins wins an ice-cream'! You may also be in luck with spotting other sea life such as seals and perhaps even porpoises. If you're ultra-lucky, you might get a glimpse at a few orcas, whales and basking sharks, but for now let's focus on the top 5 hot spots for spotting our lovely friend of the sea. For more information on our north Wales caravan parks be sure to visit our website today!


If you're serious about spotting a dolphin in this location, it's better to get it all booked now as early summer is rumoured to be the best time to spot the bottle-nose dolphin. When walking across the promenade, why not give the railing that marks the end a little kick, I mean you wouldn't want to break the tradition now would you?

New Quay

Renowned for being the ultimate hotspot for these charming creatures, New Quay is said to be teaming with dolphins and you're almost promised at least a glimpse of these beautiful animals. If you really want to push the boat out, why not consider taking one of the charter boats into Cardigan Bay? This way you'll increase your chances even more of spotting a dolphin. Also, it's highly recommended to pop in to the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre during your visit to find out some interesting facts about sea life.


This pretty little harbour offers you the chance to go out on a wildlife boat trip during your visit to increase your chances of spotting a dolphin. However, if you don't fancy the ride, we're sure you'll catch a glimpse of at least one while sitting on the wall dining on delicious ice-cream and enjoying the weather.


This pleasant, hidden-away cove is the perfect opportunity to sit with the family and watch the dolphins go about their entertainment and daily business. It's also great for seeing other sea life like seals and porpoises so keep an eye out and take a camera; you're in for a wild show!


This site is offers wheelchair-friendly access so that everyone can enjoy the spectacular view of Welsh sea life. What may surprise you is that the headland opposite this site is in fact a MOD base which is used for testing all sorts of gadgets and weapons including rockets, drones and guided missiles but don't worry! They have taken into account the sea life and conjured up a sonar listening system in order to detect any marine animals that may enter the area.

These are just 5 of the top dolphin hot spots you can visit on your UK family holiday. From all of us here at hope you have a magnificent show and a wonderful time away! 

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