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River Fishing: Tips and Tricks

  • 27th Nov 2014

River Fishing: Tips and Tricks

Fishing holidays at provide a wonderful opportunity to get back to nature, enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun by the river and hopefully hook a whopper! Not only does fishing help people to de-stress and forget about their worries, it is a fun hobby with an equally satisfying result - in other words, the excitement you get when you reel in a big fish!

One of our popular sites for river fishing is Abbot's Salford which offers the opportunity to laze by the river Avon at one of the pegs. It is a beautiful site and provides a lot in the way of spectacular views with an equally intriguing array of fish species.

If this is your first fishing holiday or even your first-time river fishing, there are a few tips that will help you to improve your chances of reeling in an impressive catch. Below we have compiled a few river fishing tips and tricks that you can follow. For further information on our luxury fishing holidays visit our website.

Uncover Hot Spots                                                                             

In the river, there are a few common hot spots that tend to hold quite a few fish. Ideally you want to be looking for things like weeds in the river; these provide cover for fish, especially in a river that doesn't have much weed growth.

Another river fishing hotspot is the islands. These can be found in most rivers around the UK. They provide a great opportunity to attract a cluster of different fish species however; you should consider safety before diving in too deep.

Polarised Glasses

If you are planning to become an expert in river fishing or even if you just want to improve your chances, polarised glasses are definitely the way to go. They will help you to locate fish that are swimming around the river, making them ideal for those who just want a quick fishing session. They will help to save time searching for fishing hotspots and may help your chances of catching a big one!

Stop for a chat

If you are going as a pair, group or even on your own, there is nothing stopping you from striking up a conversation with a few of the locals. Not only can you share your experiences, you can provide each other with advice, tips and tricks on fishing in general! (They may even point out some of the best spots)

Enjoy yourself

There is nothing worse than coming back from a trip feeling stressed out and tired, so try to enjoy yourself. Even if you don't get a nibble one day, soak up the mild autumn weather and try again the next day! You can also make the most of your trip by - again - striking up a conversation with fellow fishers and remembering that you are living the dream.

These are just four river fishing tips! Do you have anymore that you would like to share?

If you are interested in purchasing a holiday home on our Abbots Salford site, please feel free to get in touch today for more information or better yet, click the link!. Alternatively, feel free to browse our range of parks and holiday homes to find the best getaway site for you!



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