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Reasons to Book your Getaway

  • 15th Mar 2016

Reasons to Book your Getaway

If you’re desperate to get away from it all already, we don’t blame you. January feels longer every year and when we hit February, it can feel like the next holiday is still so far away! If your other half needs a little more persuading to book your next holiday already, then it’s time to put your persuasive powers to use and work some magic!

  1. Do all the prep work before you pitch your holiday proposal. Choose a luxury caravan from our range of sites across the UK and make the decision process much easier!
  2. Plan your activities and itinerary based on mutual likes, but be sure to open with one that will grab their attention! Something you love doing, something you have always wanted to do or something on your bucket list – any of the above is likely to be a winner
  3. Book the time off work for yourself and your partner if required – no excuses necessary!
  4. Keep costs down by taking essential items with you and making use of on-site facilities. All of our sites have a range of amenities that are designed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible!
  5. We all need time to relax and getaway, but everyday stress can get in the way of planning. Don’t let stress win!

So, what exactly can you, your partner and your family get up to when you book a luxury caravan at one of our parks? Read on to find out!


Many of our park resorts have fishing ponds on site or access to local rivers and lakes with fishing pegs that are available. For many men and women, this is a very relaxing way to pass a few hours and might just be the deal breaker you need.  


Even caravan parks have all the mod cons, you know! Keep the kids happy with an indoor pool and games room at our Leedons Park resort. Even if you keep the location a surprise, asking them to pack a swimsuit is an excellent way to build excitement, and, unlike overseas water parks, it won’t be an added expense, either.


Going for family walks is a great way to spend time together, bonding and enjoying each other’s company while getting some exercise. As well as this, the location and scenery available to you at any of our luxury caravan sites is outstanding.

Should you require any further information or help with booking your next getaway with Allens Caravans, please do not hesitate to contact us! We hope to see you very soon.


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