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Rat Packs, Cool Cats and Caravans

  • 1st Feb 2015

Rat Packs, Cool Cats and Caravans

Is there a simpler pleasure than settling down in your Allens Caravans static home, cracking a bottle open and popping on a good record?
Oh yes. The uniquely raw sound of an actual record, played on a real player, is really something else – especially when it’s playing a swinging Sinatra track or a smooth Crosby tune.
This kind of listening experience can carry you across the airwaves, away from your cosy caravan on one of our parks, to New York’s hottest spots circa 1956.
There is no doubt that we are drawn to the silky smooth voices and intimate songs of the Rat Pack and their crooning contemporaries.
This may be because they evoke feelings of nostalgia for a simpler, but far more glamorous time. Or it could be that their catchy beats and sing-along lyrics keep you well and truly hooked.
Either way, the crooners knew how to make music, and that is why their songs are still so loved, so many years on. Even though the world has changed, My Funny Valentine, My Way and That’s Amore still hit the musical spot, epitomising glamour, style and the art of being cool.
Some people might think that the world of crooning is well past its heyday, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Not only have recent years seen a revival in the love for crooner tunes (though for some of us, the love never left); there is now a whole new generation of smooth talkers and silky singers like Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr.
This new generation is bringing all the best bits of the Rat Pack into their own contemporary stylings, and they are conquering the airwaves with both original tracks and covers.
It is the classics though that provide the perfect soundtrack for a cosy winter’s evening or a lazy summer afternoon, whether you are tucked up in your caravan or entertaining on the deck.
So, to get you started on your crooning soundtrack, here is a quick guide to the three kings of classic crooning. Click here and have a look at Allen's gorgeous range of park homes for sale!

Dean Martin

The King of Cool, Dean Martin was one of the 20th century’s most charismatic entertainers. His most notable features were his silky voice and relaxed singing style, which made hits of songs like Volare, That’s Amore, and Ain’t That a Kick in the Head.
Sammy Davis Jr.

Thanks to a combination of pipes and moves, Sammy Davis Jr. was a captivating entertainer and public figure. His energetic and emotional performances brought tracks like Mr Bojangles, What Kind of Fool Am I, and I’ve Got You Under My Skin to life.
Frank Sinatra

Iconic entertainer and co-founder of the Rat Pack, Sinatra is one of the most famous names and voices in music. He shot to fame and stayed on top thanks to his cheeky charm, distinctive voice and string of hits like New York, New York, My Way, Come Fly With Me and I Get a Kick Out of You.
Of course, this Rat Pack trio is only the tip of the iceberg. The 1940s, 50s and 60s gave us a number of smooth voices and captivating crooners, like Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby, among others. Any of these Rat Pack contemporaries would be able to transport you and your caravan back to a ‘niftier’ time.
And for those ‘guys and gals’ who like to keep on top of the trend, why not throw a few 21st century crooners (like Buble and co.) into your playlist?
Then all you need to do is pop your glad rags on and make caravan parks the most happening places to be!

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