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Puzzling Over Brain Teaser Month

  • 5th Jan 2017

Puzzling Over Brain Teaser Month

Puzzling Over Brain Teaser Month

The January blues are here with a vengeance, and the long, dark evenings of winter seem to be dragging on forever. In the summer, when the weather is nice and sunny, a caravan holiday is nothing short of idyllic. But during the colder months, it is a much hardier breed of caravanner who sits in the cosy warmth of their caravan, whiling away the time with a nice hot drink to patiently wait out the long nights.

Make the Most of the Evenings on Your Winter Caravan Holiday

If you are braving the elements and heading out on a caravan holiday this winter, you need something to keep you occupied in the evenings. Here at Allens, we have a full range of facilities and leisure amenities for our residents to enjoy all year round. From heated indoor swimming pools to games rooms to social halls, there are plenty of facilities for you and your family to enjoy.

However, if you fancy a quiet night in, there are many other ways that you can pass your time. You could spend the time playing a game of cards with your loved ones, or perhaps a board game if the grandchildren have come to visit on your caravan holiday. If it's some quality alone time that you are after, check out our top five books for long winter evenings for some bookish inspiration. However, if you're still looking for ideas, how about a brain teaser?

Sharpen Up Your Mind

January marks the arrival of brain teaser Month, and here at Allens, we love a good brain teaser! While you normally spend your days out and about walking and exploring while away on a caravan holiday, don't forget that it is equally important to exercise your brain every day as well as your body. Brain teasers are a great way to sharpen up your mind and keep your brain healthy while providing the perfect occupation for those long winter nights. In fact, studies have even shown that regularly completing brain teasers helps to protect against the onset of Alzheimer's Disease, so really it is the ideal reminder to get your brain working.

Brain teasers also come in many forms, so you have plenty of freedom to pick out a puzzle that suits you. Some of the more common types of brain teasers are word searches and crosswords, or Sudoku for the more mathematically-minded. Of course, there are plenty of different varieties of brain teaser out there, so if you want to have a go at something a little more unusual, do some research and find the perfect brain teaser for you.

This winter, when you are enjoying your caravan holiday, use the extra time in the evenings to get your brain in shape and as active as your body. After all, it's important to stay healthy in winter, and this should apply to your mind, too!

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