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Preparing Your Holiday Home for Winter

  • 7th Dec 2017


For many people, the luxury of owning a holiday home is one that offers convenience, comfort and a home from home at the drop of a hat. Here at Allen's Caravans, we have a superb range of caravan homes for sale across our holiday parks to suit your exact needs. If you're after somewhere cosy for weekends away or somewhere the whole family can enjoy, then the many benefits of a second home won't go amiss!

One of the biggest attractions to UK holiday homes is that they are ready and available to use at your leisure. Many of our holiday parks are open for up to 10 months of the year, meaning you get to enjoy your home from home from spring through to autumn, and even throughout December should you fancy a festive getaway.

However, if - like so many others - you prefer to stay close to family over the Christmas period, then now is the ideal time to prepare your holiday home for the winter months. With a little bit of preparation, you can rest assured that your caravan will be fresh and ready to go by the time spring rolls around.

Why Do You Need to Prepare?

Just like at home, if your home isn't properly heated through the colder months, the winter weather can have an adverse effect on your holiday home. Lack of warmth, with bitter cold temperatures, can lead to frozen pipes and condensation to form. If left like this, this can then lead to further damage - which we're sure you want to avoid!

How to Get Your Holiday Home Ready for Winter

If you aren't planning on using your holiday home over winter, then there are a number of steps you need to take!

  • The first thing you will need to do is drain all water from sinks, toilets and shower systems and turn off the supply. You should also do this for any heating systems. You can pour antifreeze down waste pipes to ensure any water that remains does not become an issue
  • Disconnect any gas supply and ensure your canisters are stored securely. Turn off the electricity supply before you leave to avoid wastage
  • Pack away any bedding, pillows, blankets and cushions in vacuum sealed bags and ensure all mattresses are stood upright to air
  • Leave all doors - internal and cupboard - ajar to allow air to circulate over the next few months
  • Clean the entire kitchen with anti-bacterial products, ensure the fridge and freezer compartments are empty and clean. Leave the fridge door open before you leave!
  • Remove all food items - even those that won't perish - as they can attract hungry pests like mice and rats during the colder months when they may struggle to source food elsewhere
  • Remove all items of value from your home to detract any attention away from your holiday home!
  • Clean all rooms, including windows and doors - and be sure to dry them thoroughly and air the place out. Where possible, remove any netting and leave curtains open to prevent any damp from forming. Doing this before you go away will mean you can get straight to relaxing when you come back in the new year!
  • Give the outside of your holiday home a thorough inspection to ensure all pipes and gutters are in good working order, free of debris and cracks. Check the roof and foundation, too. If you find any holes or cracks, it is important to fill and repair them before you leave
  • Finally, check the locks are all in good working order, and that all windows and doors are locked when you leave

Top Tip - leave a bowl of salt in your holiday home over the winter months to keep each room dry and free from damp.

These handy tips can help prepare your static caravan for the next few months when visits are few and far between - if at all; leaving you with a holiday home that's in perfect condition upon your return!

For more information on our range of holiday homes for sale, please have a browse or contact us on 01564 792323 to have a chat with our team. 

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