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Preparing for a Cold Snap

  • 20th Oct 2016

Preparing for a Cold Snap

With autumn well under way and rumours of snow and an early winter in the media, the majority of the country will be frantically packing away their summer clothes in exchange for something altogether more comfortable, cosy and warm. For those living in our residential park homes and around the UK, now is the time to prepare for the onslaught of inclement weather!

That being said, there are many perks to preparing both your home and your wardrobe for the colder months ahead - the first being all those cosy nights in front of the fireplace, book and blanket in place and a hot chocolate to hand. The second being that you won't get caught out when you wake up to that first morning frost. We can already feel the chill in the air, so what are you waiting for?

Kit yourself Out

If you like to stay active during the colder weather, then it pays to be prepared. Avoid unnecessary illness and ailments by ensuring you wear good walking boots, waterproof and thermal jackets. Slipping on black ice is no joke, no matter what your age.

It will soon be getting darker a lot earlier on in the day, so ensure you can see where you are going by ensuring your torch is in working order and you have a set of gloves, a hat and scarf to hand.

Dig your hot water bottle and electric blanket out of storage and warm your bed up for an hour before you settle in for the evening. This way your bed will be cosy and warm and you don't need to keep your heating on overnight.

Speaking of heating, the colder weather often means we need the heating on. By ensuring yours is on a timer you can keep your home warm without a massive bill to look forward to.

Before the cold sets in is the perfect time to get your boiler services - leave it any later and you could be left in cold, should it cease to work during a snow storm. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home and health!

You're Safe with Allens

Here at Allens Caravans, many of our residential park homes are situated on sites that are managed all year round, ensuring that you have help available if you need it. All of our parks are situated in beautiful locations all year round, without reducing your access to the services and amenities you need.

Whether you need an emergency dentist's appointment or would like to book your flu jab, many of our sites are on bus routes and our residents have parking spaces available. We are also close by to nearby villages, towns and cities so that you don't go without.

Our residents are perfectly catered for all year round, no matter what the weather. What's more, our onsite facilities mean that you can still get out and about, socialising with your neighbours without the need for travelling in the wet, cold, and sometimes snowy conditions.

For more information about life at our parks or for more advice for the upcoming months, please browse our blog or contact out team today.

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