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Planning a Quick Getaway – The Essentials

  • 9th May 2016

Planning a Quick Getaway – The Essentials

We've all been there. The time off work is booked, the kids aren't at school and the weather forecast is great. The problem? You didn't actually get around to booking that getaway. Cue the panic and frantic online searches for deals and last minute caravan holidays.

If you've had weeks in advance to plan, chances are you would already have a pretty comprehensive checklist of things to pack or do before going away, but what if you have minimal time before filling the car and heading off? Here are some of the most vital things to take care of when time is of the essence.

Security Starts at Home

It's an obvious one but it's always worth remembering to check all windows and doors before you leave. It only takes one window left ajar for a burglar to get in and an oversight like this could make any insurance claim invalid.

Even if you think you've already checked everything thoroughly; check again. It's also worth cancelling any regular deliveries you receive - like milk or newspapers - seeing a growing stack of unmoved deliveries is another red flag for potential burglars.


Even if you're not going abroad, it's worth checking your insurance status for both personal items and your vehicle. Being on unfamiliar roads close to the caravan park may mean an increased risk of an accident, however small, and it would add extra stress and misery if you're dealing with damage to your car and realise that your insurance doesn't cover it. 

Rainy Days

The forecast looks great, but remember to pick up waterproofs, too - just in case. The Great British weather is renowned for its unpredictability and we'd rather have unused wellies in the boot of the car than being confined to being indoors because the predicted clear skies suddenly became a torrential downpour.

Money Matters

The current exchange rate won't be affecting you if you're staying in a UK caravan park. What may affect you, however, is limited access to cash machines, forgetting debit or credit cards, running out of cash - the list is endless. If you want to only take cash with you, make sure that you have more than enough stored securely in a few different locations to prevent a big loss should the worst happen.

If you're taking bank cards, check the location of ATM cash machines and local bank branches in advance to ensure you're prepared in the case of ATM outages or your bank card being declined.

Though it might sound stressful, as long as you factor in the above a last minute caravan holiday can actually be immensely rewarding and a lot of fun. Knowing you're just a couple of nights away from a relaxing break? Priceless.

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