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May: The Month of Al Fresco Dining

  • 4th May 2015

May: The Month of Al Fresco Dining

Always keen to see the holidaymakers in our UK holiday parks having fun and getting into the swing of summer living, we thought we’d help you out with the main event: the year’s first barbecue.
There’s nothing quite like blue skies, balmy afternoons and the smell of chargrilled anything wafting around your caravan to make you realise that summer (or at the least, late spring) has arrived!
To get you started, have suggested three serious pre-barbie considerations (below). So read on and get ready to fire up that grill…
Season the side dishes:

Whether you are making DIY potato wedges or a hearty jacket spud, don’t forget to season! Rock salt and black pepper, herbs, chilli powder and whatever else is hiding out in your spice rack…all of these (and combinations of) work wonders to jazz up otherwise plain side dishes. And if you are serving salad beside your barbecued beef and ‘dogs? Just make sure you have a few different dressings to hand; even a splash of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice will work a treat.
Mind your meat and poultry:
Delicious as they both may be when charred, meat and poultry are dangerous if not handled or cooked properly. Salmonella and other nasty tummy bugs can linger on uncooked or contaminated surfaces. Even if you (somehow) manage to escape, unscathed by illness, uncooked meat with blood still dripping from a pink middle is hardly an appetising or pleasant experience.
Always cook your meat and poultry thoroughly (even if you have to start it off in the oven or frying pan), and, if you can, use a skewer to check the juices or use a meat probe (thermometer) to check the temperature is safe before serving.
Also, take care to be safe and sanitary when handling the raw and cooked meat and poultry; cross contamination can cause serious illness.
What to wash it all down with:
Once you have a grillable gastro-feast ready, you need to make sure your guests have something nice to wash it all down with. In terms of what these refreshments will be, you need to decide whether you are going store-bought all the way, opting for easy mix solutions like squash and spritzers, or going all out with homemade lemonade, Pimms, and maybe even a Margarita mix or similar for Happy Hour.
You’ll also want to ensure there are plenty of options to keep everyone hydrated, like chilled bottles of still and sparkling water, as well as a full kettle and plenty of tea and coffee!
Of course, these three considerations aren’t the only barbecue boxes that need ticking and, depending on how many people you are having round, you will need to plan and prepare in plenty of time. For now though, these steps should get you started. So you best be cleaning down the barbecue and stocking up on the burgers and buns.

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