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May Means Barbecues – But Safety First!

  • 7th May 2015

May Means Barbecues – But Safety First!

May is here, and whether you decide to celebrate it as Hamburger Month, Barbecue Month or just the start of weather warm enough to chow down outdoors…al fresco barbecue dining time is finally here!
Of course, before you crack out the smoky sauce, the tongs, and the grill, you need to make sure you’ve covered everything. So you have to find the right recipes, remember your health and safety, and don’t forget to spread the word because a barbecue is always best enjoyed with friends and neighbours.

As always though, safety first.
In particular, safety when it comes to the beast itself; the barbecue. Such tasty goodness, but so much to consider in the way of safety precautions.
Before sparking up, ensure you check what the regulations and restrictions are on your particular park, and indeed, if barbecues are allowed at all. Of course, we like to think our UK holiday parks are home from home, indoors and out, but it is always good practice to check for yourself.

Then, the first thing you need to be sure of is placement. Make sure you put your barbecue on a safe surface i.e. level and away from combustibles and hazards like trees, shrubs and wooden sheds. Also, be sure to keep children, grandchildren and pets away from the barbecue area, just in case something knocks or the flames lick out unexpectedly.

As well as being prepared should the worst happen, with water or sand nearby to extinguish an unruly grill, you also need to keep a watchful eye on the barbecue the entire time it is lit.
You should not only take care when using the grill, but also when disposing of the ash and so on. Do not, under any circumstances, put hot ashes into the bin, as this would likely melt the plastic and start a fire. You can find more safety information here.
For now though, let these top tips be your guide to late spring and early summer barbecues. May will be far more fun and flavoursome with a “Barbie” lit, but you need to put the safety of your family, friends and guests first with our safety tips discussed above.
Happy grilling!

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