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Make the Most of the Easter Weekend

  • 2nd Mar 2017


Easter is not too far away and, with a four-day weekend to play with, you are not going to want to spurn the chance of a family getaway.

We all love it when a bank holiday weekend is upon us, and we don't have to get up for work on Monday morning. The only thing better than that is Easter weekend when, instead of three days, we have a whole four days off - well, some of us anyway!

To truly make the most of the double-sized weekend, you will need to make plans as soon as possible - not only do you have something to look forward to, but you can make all the essential preparations in order not to lose out on precious time.

Where to Stay

First on the list is deciding on where you are going and where to stay. Whether it is a simple remote stay in the middle of England or North Wales, holiday parks are aplenty.

Caravan holiday parks offer a cheap alternative to expensive hotels with on-site activities and restaurants and are perfectly located in natural beauty, but still a short car journey from some of the UK's most historic attractions.

With helpful staff, Wi-Fi and friendly bars, there is always something to keep everyone entertained.

Why Spend Easter with Allens Caravans?

There are plenty of reasons to choose one of Allens Caravans' eight parks for your Easter weekend - not only will you and your family enjoy taking refuge away from the busy city, but it's also a fantastic way of enjoying time together.

With hot snacks and meals available at the bar, you don't have to worry about wasting time in the kitchen, or spending a fortune at an overpriced restaurant in the middle of the city. If you have never stayed at a caravan site, you may have misconceptions that will soon be put right once you experience it first-hand.

Residential Caravan Parks

After spending a few nights at one of our caravan sites, many decide that living as part of a close-knit community is something they would like to take up on a permanent basis.

As a resident on our site, both you and your guests will have full access to facilities - meaning that when children come and visit, you won't have to resort to relying on whatever is on television or the latest handheld gadgets.

However you choose to spend the Easter weekend, spent it with Allens Caravans and make sure it is a weekend filled with laughter and plenty of happy memories to reminisce on for years to come.

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