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Let Country Roads Take You Home

  • 18th Feb 2015

Let Country Roads Take You Home

In the southern states of America, nothing is more central to life than home.
Home in the South means many things, all of them good. Communities where everyone knows your name, events and celebrations year round, and a real emphasis on the importance of friends and family, not to mention the simple pleasure of having a warm, loving roof over your head.
Here at Allens Caravans, we like to think our selection of residential caravan parks has a lot in common with this kind of Southern attitude, and that famous Southern hospitality.
You see, just because the Southern states are a world away, a few thousand miles across the Atlantic, there is an awful lot they can teach us.
In fact, the distinctive Country music that comes from these states has long made itself known on UK airwaves, and even though they talk and sing about a different kind of life to the one we Brits are used to, they still strike a chord.
That is why we thought we could celebrate the beautiful country that surrounds our parks, the communities within them and the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when enjoying your luxury park home, with a Country playlist of songs that sound like home.
So see our playlist below, give the songs a listen, and let Country roads take you all the way to your park home. Visit our website today to learn more about our exquisite residential parks!

Country Roads, Take Me Home – John Denver

  • This classic country track talks all about the beautiful West Virginia landscape and the memories that welcome Denver home to his mining town in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Home – Dolly Parton

  • The Queen of Country sings all about the freedom, the simple pleasures and the laid back beauty of her rural Tennessee home. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  • This Country-infused Southern Rock classic has become an anthem in the South, epitomising a strong love for ‘Alabamy’ state.

Where the Green Grass Grows – Tim McGraw

  • Despite being one of Country’s leading men, McGraw declares his love for the simple country life in this tune.

Where I Come From – Montgomery Gentry

  • A heartfelt and strong Country song about being fiercely loving and protective of your roots.

Home – Blake Shelton

  • A Country rendition of this classic which talks all about that powerful pull we get to go back home, wherever we are.

The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

  • Mrs. Blake Shelton sings all about her roots, and how her simple rural home helped build her into the woman she is today.

Who Says You Can’t Go Home? – Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles

  • This collaboration between the rocker and the southern songstress is all about spreading your wings but finding your way back home, no matter what.

Thank God for Hometowns – Carrie Underwood

  • A sweet song about the familiarity and welcoming feeling you get from hometowns, sung beautifully by a Country powerhouse.

Honey, I’m Home – Shania Twain

  • No stranger to simple, straightforward, sing-along songs, Shania offers another brutally honest account about long days and the refuge offered by home.

Now, these are just ten of the wonderful, heart-warming songs that come out of Tennessee, Kentucky, Carolina, and the like.
There are plenty more where these came from though, and with a pair of explorative ears, you can discover a world of music you never knew about. You may even find that this music will make your park home feel that little bit more like, well, home.
So find an Allens’ residential caravan park that looks like home, and give some home grown Country music a listen.

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