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Leave the Static London Life Behind with Caravan Hire

  • 12th Jun 2015

Leave the Static London Life Behind with Caravan Hire

Calling all city-slickers with wide open spaces at heart…
Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the city? Do you need a change?
Well, we have a solution.
Caravan hire is a superb way to break free from the static and sometimes claustrophobic London life which,  for all its history, culture, glamour and glitz, can prove to be overwhelming at times.

In London, like so many other cities, industry and construction have taken priority. Where open spaces once were, we now have office blocks and car parks, or worse; private parks to be enjoyed only by residents, who are too busy rushing around to really appreciate their prime spot of green real estate anyway.

What to do?
How about, get out of the city. That’s right. Leave the bright lights of the big city behind. You don’t need the Michelin-starred West End restaurants or the loud mile-a-minute mania of the various boroughs.
There are places where the suits of The City and the mad rush of the tube are but distant memories. Places you can relax in, explore, and actually enjoy. And what makes these places so special, you ask. The caravan.
Yes, this might seem like a bit of a novel idea, especially considering there aren’t too many static caravans for sale in London, but trust us. If you’re done with everyone darting around in dapper suits, and you crave a sprawling green landscape to satisfy your sense of adventure, escape to a static caravan with Allens Caravans.
You can bask by the beach on the Welsh coast, or you can lose yourself in the natural beauty that fills the Heart of England. Most of all though, you can refresh and reboot in the best way possible; by doing whatever you want (even if that’s nothing at all), a long way away from the crazy city life.
Why the Heart of England?
As well as our picture-perfect beachfront park in North Wales, we have a number of different parks dotted across the Heart of England. There are several reasons that this corner of the world works so well for caravan holidays though.
For starters, you have some of the UK’s most beautiful backdrops on your doorstep. There’s the Malvern Hills and the stunning Broadway Tower, the Cotswolds with their chocolate box villages, and much more besides.
Add to this miles and miles of rolling green countryside, plenty of lakes and a number of nature reserves either surrounding or situated nearby our parks, and you couldn’t get further from London if you tried.
The variety afforded by this part of the UK, in terms of everything from topography to entertainment, means you can find a caravan for hire whether you want to walk, fish, try something new or simply chill out. And you can do it all in a luxury home away from home, in a picturesque setting and convenient location.
Who is the caravan life for?
Simply put, caravan life is for everyone.
It is especially suited to those needing a break from the city though because it offers the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy peace and quiet and a slower pace of life, but you’re close enough to everything to keep your itinerary as full (or as empty) as you like.
Similarly, you get all the creature comforts you are accustomed to, without having to miss out on the caravan experience. And, what's more, is that you can enjoy the experience, with all its outdoor pursuits, without having to learn Bear Grylls’ survival tactics.
Thanks to the impressive range of onsite facilities, nearby attractions, and different environments available at our parks, there is something for everyone.
Homesick city slickers can enjoy the caravan experience in the heart of pretty market town Evesham, just as easily as families can enjoy a week at our Sunbeach Park in Barmouth.
The sense of community on our parks also means you can enjoy your holiday regardless of whether you are a couple, part of a group or flying solo. We also cater for outdoorsy types, fishing enthusiasts, history and culture buffs, and those just wanting to see somewhere new in their retirement.
So really, the simpler question is: who isn’t caravan life for?
How will I keep myself occupied?
If you’re not already convinced that our parks and the surrounding areas cater for every taste and activity level, see for yourself.
You can look at the Local Attraction pages on our site, or read more about each park. And if you still need something to put on your To Do list, our blogs should offer plenty of inspiration for on and off-site entertainment alike.
The countryside might not have quite as much going on per square mile as the big city, but with plenty of outdoor space, rugged landscapes, bustling market towns and conveniently located attractions, you certainly won’t be bored.
Where do you sign up?
We’re glad you asked!
A break at one of our countryside caravan hire parks really is the best way to escape the static London life, and the same old routine that comes with it. Plus, if you want to leave the humdrum behind on a regular basis, why not see what static homes are for sale at our parks, so you have your very own place in the country when London life gets a little too much?
Just browse our site for details, contact us online or get in touch via the phone to talk more about caravan hire and your great escape from the city.

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