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Kitting Out Your Caravan For Rainy Summer Days

  • 28th Sep 2014

Kitting Out Your Caravan For Rainy Summer Days

Summer at Allens Caravans is a wonderful time of year, filled with special occasions like music festivals and the chance to spend time with loved ones whilst working on the tan! Sometimes though, the rain strikes and we have to prepare Plan B so we don't fall back into old habits with wintertime blues. Of course, there is always a promise of blue skies in the summer, but it is best to be prepared for the worst and kit out your holiday home with the essential accessories you need to make the most of rainy summer days.

Below we have compiled a few ways to create the perfect summer holiday home, come rain or shine. 

Yoga Mats

There's nothing more peaceful than performing your all-time favourite yoga routine. What's even better is doing it in the warm, crisp early morning sun on the grass by your home away from home. However, the inevitability of grey skies and rainfall is something you can't necessarily avoid. So to turn the day around, you could have a few yoga mats tucked away and either enjoy some solo relaxation or invite friends or neighbours to share your love of yoga. You can either host a quick routine or a day-long fun-filled class. Add to the experience with a few pots of potpourri to make the room smell delightful and put on a calming, soothing soundtrack to help everyone feel utterly relaxed.

Artificial Flowers

If you don't use your caravan too often but you want it looking lovely and fresh every summer, indoor artificial flowers can be a fantastic way to spruce up its appearance. There are so many types of flower and different arrangements out there; you'll be spoilt for choice. As well as keeping your holiday home looking lovely and bright all year round, artificial flowers are robust whatever the weather and even in close indoor quarters, they don't aggravate hay fever. They are little-to-no maintenance, inexpensive and a long-lasting investment; ideal for occasional and annual visits. Click here to view our luxury range of caravan holiday parks in the UK!

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are an all-season way to brighten your holiday home whilst making a pretty, decorative addition to your home away from home. They can be hung almost anywhere and, depending on the length of each string, they can be spaced out all around the property. Fairy lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Like artificial flowers, they come in a number of styles and colours which means you can make the lighting as personal and as seasonal as you wish. Even when it's grey, wet and cloudy, you can enjoy a starry night or a party atmosphere.  

Summer Salads

This last suggestion isn't about decoration, interior work or holiday activities. That said, it is equally great for stirring up that summertime feeling. There is so much you can do with salads; from creating a watermelon hedgehog to go with your fruit salad to a basic green-leaf lunch, each salad can meet everyone's preferred food tastes. The salad is an all-rounder dish in terms of boosting moods, generating that summer feeling and providing good nutrition.

These are just four ways you can bring summer to your holiday home, whatever the weather is doing outside. Do you have any more that you'd like to share with us here at

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