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Keeping Up With The Grandchildren

  • 28th Nov 2014

Keeping Up With The Grandchildren

A family holiday can prove costly, both financially and in terms of your sanity, even if everyone has the best intentions at heart.

Vacationing in a caravan can encroach on people’s privacy and personal space, and this can either result in a great time of family bonding or a fraying of nerves. However, at Allens Caravans, the spacious holiday homes offer a refreshing and relaxing environment where the whole family can take a break. Our caravan parks are an ideal setting if you wish to bring the grandchildren with you in the summer holidays or during half terms. They will be able to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors while you relax in a luxury British countryside setting.

Coming up with ideas to keep energetic youngsters amused over the holiday period can prove a little challenging. However, our parks and their surroundings offer ample room for them to let off steam and tire themselves out in the natural air while you enjoy the scenic backdrop and views. A large proportion of our holiday home sites either have scenic lake surroundings or swimming pools to enjoy. 

Aside from the natural surroundings that come with the locations of our sites, the historic towns and cities they are close to offer a range of museums and interesting places for all generations to engage with. Stratford-upon-Avon, for example, is only seven miles from our Orchard Lodge park - perfect for a quiet retreat, yet not too far out that the little ones can’t be taken out for a treat. View our website for luxury parks with natural surroundings!

While we have a selection of activities available for our visitors, at times, getting off the site and seeing what the neighbouring roads lead to is half the excitement. Consider taking younger children on a nature walk, where they can occupy their inquisitive minds and fingers amongst the wildlife. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a pleasant stroll while probably being handed an array of leaves and hand-picked flowers.

If the weather isn’t raising smiles, but rather creating puddles, what’s better than spending time inside with a traditional family game and warming hot chocolates? It doesn’t have to be snowing and Christmastime for marshmallows and hot chocolates to be acceptable; after all, British weather is all but predictable.

Younger children tend to be early risers, which can mean a rather long day for you, so consider an early trip to the local produce site where you may be able to pick your own berries for a sweet lunch or daytime snack. This will offer some educational value as well as nutritional!

While at our holiday home sites across the United Kingdom, you will be sure to meet other families and couples setting off on a similar trip to yourself. They may know the area better and have a few tips and secret spots you might not otherwise have found, so it’s always worthwhile sharing experiences. The important thing is to ensure you are armed with different ways of keeping up with the grandchildren on your next caravan holiday. For more information on our gorgeous holiday homes and their historic settings view for the best deals!

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