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Keeping Active & Healthy this Autumn / Winter

  • 23rd Nov 2017


Despite the wind chill factor ramping up a notch and the sun disappearing earlier in the day now that the clocks have changed, there is something distinctly unseasonal about the weather at the moment. While the sun might well be making an appearance for now and brightening up our days, it won't be long until the winter wardrobe is out in full effect.

Luckily, when living in residential caravan parks, you are but a short distance away from the glorious British countryside so keeping active and healthy is easier than you might think! What's more, many of our residential parks have a variety of facilities onsite that can help keep you fit and active with your neighbours and friends.

Walks, Sports and More

Regular exercise is always good, no matter what your age, location or weather. With winter on the way and our bodies a little more susceptible to illness and colds, staying active can really help keep your immune system in tip-top shape and ready for anything.

  • Enjoy the outdoors during daylight hours as much as possible - whether this is a walk in the park, or exploring the local areas - get out and about!
  • Remember to rest as much as you can - a good night's sleep is essential to feeling energised and ready to take on the cold months ahead
  • Socialise while keeping active to keep stress levels down - calming activities that can be enjoyed with friends, such as bowls or even a bit of autumnal fishing, can help keep you feeling alert and banish the blues

Health Starts in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and the same applies for those living in our residential caravan parks. A vast majority of your overall fitness comes from the food you eat and fuel your body with - which is why we often feel sluggish and tired after a takeaway or if we go without fruit and veg for a few days.

In order to really stay healthy and active this winter, we would recommend:

  • Having a healthy breakfast to start your day as you mean to go on. Porridge, fruit and honey or some slices of wholemeal toast and a yoghurt is a great way to start your day
  • Making sure you have your five a day! The vitamins and nutrients found in fruit and veg are essential for helping you fend off illness, so stock up and make your own fruit juice, soup, casseroles and more to really take advantage
  • Enjoying plenty of plain, low-fat dairy products to help keep your bones and immune system in good shape

However you choose to keep fit and healthy over the colder months of the year, you can rest easy safe in the knowledge that there is always a kettle and cosy living room waiting for you when you get home!

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