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Is A Technology-Free Caravan Holiday Possible?

  • 8th Jan 2015

Is A Technology-Free Caravan Holiday Possible?

Here at Allens we know that over the last decade, modern life has been overrun with technology; in fact, we have a means of instant communication on almost every gadget in our possession. However, with this advancement comes the question: when are we able to turn-off, unplug and ignore those persistent work emails, phone calls and the constant urge to check social media?

A large proportion of us will admit that unplugging proves to be a struggle, and many of us are convinced that turning our smart-phones off is just not an option. It is worth remembering though; they have a switch-off capability for a reason. 

So, is a luxury caravan holiday the ideal opportunity to embrace the quiet surroundings of nature without the interruption of technology begging for our attention? The short answer is yes, but don't worry, we'll take you through it. Click here to view our range of static caravan holidays.

Wind Down

Once you have set the dates for your luxury caravan holiday, and the packing has commenced, it is time to begin the process of zoning out. Make sure your phone is on silent and put some music on, so you're not consciously waiting to see if your phone lights up. This will also ease the brain into a more relaxed and laid back mode.

Day One

The first day of your trip should involve you doing the same activities you would enjoy on any normal break. Just be sure to keep your phone turned off during these activities. It is best to leave it in a secure place like the boot of the car, so you're not subconsciously tempted to turn it on and check for texts.

Day Two

Once the first day is out of the way, and your fingers aren't itching to text as much, you can embrace the fullness of your luxury break away and leave your phone off until the evening. That is, if you must turn it back on at all. Keep in mind; it is not just your phone that clogs the mind technologically, but laptops and pagers too.


The body is naturally programmed to begin preparing for rest in the evening, but you will interrupt this process if you are firing off emails and getting into text conversations. Try steering clear of technology and begin reading a book, watching television or listening to soothing music instead. This will help the brain to process the day's activities and begin to switch off.

Returning Home

Upon returning home, try to avoid resuming your technology routine immediately. Instead, aim for a new regime with specific times where you switch off your gadgets and take some time for yourself. Use this time to collect your thoughts and emotions, and prepare for what the next day may have in store. Otherwise, your tech-free luxury caravan holiday will have been in vain.

Contemporary living doesn't allow for much ‘me time.' So embrace your luxury break away with and take the time to indulge in the natural beauty, taking the pictures with your eyes, rather than your phone.  

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