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Caravan Insurance Firm sees Increase in Thefts: How to Protect your Caravan

  • 27th Oct 2014

Caravan Insurance Firm sees Increase in Thefts: How to Protect your Caravan

Keeping your caravan in safe and working order should be every caravan owner's number one priority. Having invested your hard earned cash (or pension) into your mobile castle you'd think keeping it suitably guarded would be of great importance. According to online magazine Out & About Live, there has been a rise in the number of caravan-related thefts. Caravan insurance firm Shield are suggesting we all start ‘stepping up security measures.' 

The article reads as follows:

"For the first time in years, there's been a small increase in the number of caravans being stolen over the past year or so according to insurance specialist Shield Total Insurance."

"While the company hopes it's a temporary blip in the security statistics, it would like to remind caravan owners to never be complacent about security, especially as the majority of thefts have taken place at home, rather than at a secure storage facility."

Shield has released the following statistics and advice:

  • 57% of caravan thefts took place at home, compared to just 3% from secure storage.
  • Caravans of any age and value are vulnerable to theft, not just new ones.
  • Thefts are often undertaken by organised gangs, sometimes using recovery vehicles as a decoy.
  • Caravan theft is a Europe-wide issue. Always be suspicious of "bargain" caravans for sale.

These startling sets of statistics highlight the real issues faced by caravan owners on a daily basis. Marinating a high level of vigilance and awareness is essential to the safety of your property. Criminals are constantly chopping and changing their tactics in order to snag what's someone else's; owners therefore need to adjust their activities accordingly.

Allens Caravan's (the residential and leisure caravan specialists for park retreats) believe that the safety and security of a caravan is paramount. Therefore we have compiled a check list of safety-inspired pointers to ensure your static caravan remains that way when it's not in use - home and away.

Home Security Tips:

As the majority of caravan incidences take place on our very doorsteps, taking proactive action to keep your pride and joy secure should always take precedent. The tips below will help you stay above the prying eyes of unscrupulous characters.

  • Keep your caravan and security keys well hidden - in the unfortunate occurrence of a burglary you don't want to lose your caravan as well as your laptop.
  • Never leave important caravan documentation inside the caravan, doing so will make it even easier for a burglar to sell it.
  • Leaving valuable goods on sight in your caravan is not a good idea. If possible, take your valuables with you or lock them away in a place that is properly concealed from view.
  • Do your research into new security measures. Opt for tried and tested security that you know will be effective. When buying a new caravan it's a good idea to ask about built-in security too.
  • Invest in caravan security equipment like a heavy duty wheel clamp, chain etc. Go for equipment that you know will be fit for purpose and ultimately deter criminals. There's no point spending thousands of pounds on the perfect caravan for an imperfect level of security features.
  • Take photographs of your caravan so it's easily identifiable should you need to show the authorities. Distinguishable features like interesting colours, slogans and images will make tracking down your caravan that little bit easier.
  • Make sure your caravan insurance covers you for a wide range of events, that way if the worst were to happen you wouldn't be forced to cough up the bill.

Away Security Tips:

Just because you're away on your caravan holiday in north wales (for instance) this shouldn't mean you let down your (caravan) guard. Just like a home, there are a number of precautions that you should take to keep your caravan safe.

  • Check that your insurance covers you for excursions away from your property and if not see what can be done. Furthermore, check that storing your caravan away from home won't affect any future insurance claims.
  • When you're away enjoying that last minute caravan holiday with make sure that you've securely armed your caravan appropriately, with an alarm system for instance.
  • Be aware of your surroundings; try to gauge whether the area you're choosing to store your caravan is a high risk area or dangerous.

By taking these tips on board you can rest assured that your caravan will remain safe and sound no matter if you're home or away. For full details on Allens Caravans view our website.

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