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How to have the perfect family holiday: Part 1

  • 14th Feb 2014

How to have the perfect family holiday: Part 1

Family life is busy. It moves at a million miles an hour and everyone has their own jam packed schedules all the time. Week in, week out everything is full steam ahead, the house is usually a mess and spending quality time together is usually restricted to a quick family dinner squeezed in between work, homework and fighting for the bathroom. It is exhausting. So how do you go about having a well-earned break to catch your breath and reclaim some of that all-important quality time with the family? Well, a good choice would be to take the tribe on holiday.

Now, this holiday shouldn’t be one of those razzle dazzle, all-inclusive holidays where not only are you required to re-mortgage the house but you can’t possibly do everything you paid for - unless you strategize to divide and conquer (thus spending less time together than you do when it’s hectic at home). Nor should this holiday be abroad in some fancy, far-off land that takes you more time to get to than you actually have to spend there. No, this holiday should be about family. It should be simple, fun and allow you to spend as much time as possible enjoying each other’s company without the pressures of everyday life pulling you every which way.

So, the question is, where and how do you have such a perfect family holiday? Well, that is a very good question indeed and one which has such a simple solution, so close to home, you’re going to be over the moon!

Let’s start with where you can enjoy the perfect family holiday. Naturally, it has to be somewhere special where adventures are to be had and memories are waiting to be made. But does such a place exist? Yes, as a matter of fact it does.

The home of the best family holidays is the UK. Oh sure, we moan and groan about our tiny island and its confused weather but it is home and home is where the heart (and the family) is. So now we know the UK is the top destination, where can you find the perfect home from home for your family? On a caravan holiday of course! This classic style of holiday accommodation was once a phenomenon loved by families of all shapes and sizes before the cheap-as-chips flight revolution. In a wonderful twist of events though it has recently seen a boost in its popularity with both cheap and luxury caravan holidays once again proving themselves to be perfect for family holidays the UK over.

Well, now we know where to take the family, what you really need to know is how to go about making sure your family break is perfect. Every family is different with certain preferences when it comes to interests and activities but there are a few family-friendly failsafe options for everyone to enjoy. If you want to know what they are then keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post where we will share all sorts of fun things for you and your loved ones to get up to. Until then, why not take a closer look at our caravan parks and start dreaming of your perfect family holiday? If you need any advice then please get in touch - we’re always happy to help.

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