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How To Challenge Yourself When The Temperature Drops

  • 17th Dec 2014

How To Challenge Yourself When The Temperature Drops

Life on a residential caravan park at Allen's is a lot of fun all year round, from the great locations and endless activities to the close-knit community and stunning scenery. Like anywhere though, when the weather turns you could find yourself at a loss when it comes to keeping yourself entertained. So this autumn, why not make the most of gloomy days and chilly nights by challenging yourself?

Read on for five great ideas as to how you can challenge yourself when the temperature drops and you have to stay indoors.

1.       Play Lots Of Puzzles

If you want to keep yourself busy without having to concentrate too hard on a novel or veg in front of the television, consider investing in some puzzles. You can start off with the crosswords and brain games in the daily newspaper before moving on to build a library of crossword, arroword and general puzzle books. Depending on whether you fancy some numerical fun with a SuDoku or an anagram challenge, you can help yourself to your puzzle collection and train your brain from the comfort of your own couch. Imagine that...swotting up wearing slippers and clutching a cuppa - perfect!

2.       Make Everyday A Schoolday

Adult life is all about getting things done, and, unfortunately, that means we don't spend as much time as we ought to learning new things. When you are at school, you learn something new every day and this is something you should encourage as much as possible whatever age you are. Whether you have retired to your residential park home or you're still working whilst living there, you need not get cabin fever. Instead of pacing up and down waiting for warmer weather, take the opportunity to learn something new. Sign up for an online course, try and learn a new language or give yourself a refresher on something you already know. Whatever you do, take time to challenge yourself mentally every day - especially on days where your only other option would be cups of tea and naps on the sofa. 

3.       Get Crafty

It's always fun to get stuck into something creative (and often messy!), especially if it is grey and murky outside. Once you have a finished project, be it a knitted scarf or an original oil painting, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment - and you will have something new to use or display. You can stock up on art and craft supplies in advance so when the mood strikes; you can get straight into it. When it comes to being crafty, it isn't about proficiency and artistic genius; it is about having fun, challenging yourself and not worrying one bit if there is a blizzard outside your door or not. Click here to view our luxury range of holiday homes!

4.       Cook Up A Storm

Comfort food is a wonderful way to deal with cold and grotty weather. Cakes, cookies, pies and soups are all staple dishes when the temperature drops and there are more than enough recipe variations to keep you busy for years to come. If you want comfort food without the naughtiness though, you can opt for some practical kitchen endeavours, batch cooking easy meals like chilli, Bolognese and stews which can be used for a quick bite at a later date (just make sure your freezer has plenty of room to store it all). Should you fancy by-passing food altogether, you can have a gourmet hot chocolate making session or try your hand at a mulled wine recipe; just have fun and enjoy your spoils afterwards.

5.       Take Up Yoga

Being stuck indoors all autumn and winter long is no fun for anyone. In fact, waiting for spring with eager anticipation can seem an endless and exhausting task. This is especially the case if you are sat down day-in-day-out, gazing hopelessly out of the window and willing the sunshine to come back. Instead of missing all the fresh air and activity, the warmer months allow, why not do something active and beneficial to your health at home? That way you can continue enjoying your comfy, cosy nest without having to waste away wrapped in a duvet on the sofa. Yoga is a great, low-impact exercise that clears the mind and aids overall health. It can be done in your lounge, your bedroom or just about any indoor space you can fit into. There are DVDs, books, magazines and even web tutorials so you will be able to pick it up in no time.

Now these five ideas from Allens Caravans are just suggestions; there are plenty of things you can do and what you eventually choose to keep you occupied will depend very much on your personal preference. For now though, these challenging activities are a good place to start. 

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