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How Do You Like Your Corn?

  • 8th Aug 2015

How Do You Like Your Corn?

Corn on the cob is wonderful as part of a BBQ or a meal in itself. Not only is it a practical option, whether you’re home or away in your holiday home, but it is also delicious too!
But if you’re tired of the same old when it comes to prepping and enjoying, why not use Corn on the Cob day (15th August 2015) to experiment with different flavours and serve a tasty dish for the whole family to tuck into the next time you head to one of our holiday parks? Read on to see just three ways to spruce up this dish.
Grill It
Grilling corn on the cob is nothing new but have you ever tried it after you’ve slathered it with just enough butter? You haven’t? Well, it might be time to give it a go! Just peel away the husks, as you normally would, but make sure they are still attached to the bottom. Simply pop as much butter as you like on the cob before recovering with the husks, tie them at the top and place them on the grill.
Glaze It                                                                                                 
If, however, you’re fond of that lovely smoky BBQ flavour, you can incorporate it into your tasty corn on the cob meal! This time, remove the husks and place them on the grill. While they’re cooking, slather them with BBQ sauce for a simple and sweet glaze.
Additional Toppings
You don’t have to limit yourself though, as there are plenty of other toppings you can enjoy on your corn on the cob. From paprika to onion, cheese or sour cream, there are plenty of ways to dress up your corn on the cob as part of a larger meal or dinner in itself!
These are just three ways to jazz up your corn on the cob next time you enjoy a holiday with Allens Caravans.

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