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Hot Property: Sports Stars and Holiday Homes

  • 23rd May 2015

Hot Property: Sports Stars and Holiday Homes

Well, well. It seems that more and more celebrities are jumping on the caravanning bandwagon!
Now, we all know that caravans are a top choice for holiday makers in the UK, whether you have a family you need to entertain at a beachside location, or you’re a couple in need of a peaceful countryside escape.
For those of you who have experienced the joys of an Allen's Caravans holiday, in particular, you will also know that our parks not only offer comfort and quality, but also plenty of fun. There is plenty to do onsite, both indoors and out, and even more to get involved with in the surrounding area.
Yes, caravanning really is cool, as a hobby, as a holiday, and as a way of life. And no longer is it the kind of understated cool that you only notice when you look hard enough. Caravan holidays are now the kind of cool that grabs headlines, garners celebrity interest, and makes this particular slice of British life a most-coveted experience.
Case in point: The Rooneys.
Yes, Coleen and Wayne, with their kids in tow, have recently been enjoying caravan holidays across the country.
According to reports, their sons enjoy all that caravan life has to offer, and Coleen enjoys getting back to her holiday roots. There’s even talk of the pair purchasing their own static caravan in the future, which will give the clan somewhere to escape to when training schedules and celebrity life all gets a bit much.
Of course, the Rooneys are not the first, nor are they the only celebrity family to be enamoured by the charm of a caravan.
Other sports star fans include Rio Ferdinand who enjoyed a family trip to a North Wales park, and Dame Kelly Holmes who is known to be fond of short breaks in luxury caravans, on England’s south coast. In fact, the gold medal Olympian is even a member of the Caravan Club, and she opened the 2007 Caravan and Motorhome Show!
So if you’re umming and ahhing over whether or not to invest in a holiday home of your own, take a look around.
Even the UK’s brightest (and ordinarily jet-set) stars are trading passports and plane tickets for sandy British beaches and long summer days spent enjoying the most British of holiday experiences.

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