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Hide and Seek

  • 27th Dec 2015

Hide and Seek

Following on from our "Merry Caravan Christmas" blog post about spending Christmas in your caravan, we are looking to lend a helping hand to any parents whose children like to play hide and seek with Christmas presents.

Whether we like it or not, gift giving is big business at Christmas. When many companies manage to survive the entire year due to Christmas sales, it goes without saying that there are more than a few households out there with some presents to hide.

When we are at home, disguising and concealing the lovingly thought out gifts isn't as much of an issue. However, when you're in a caravan, the lack of storage space might suddenly hit you. If you're thinking of going on a last minute caravan break this winter, then we are here to help you prepare.

In a poll conducted last year, it was revealed that two-thirds of children actively look for Christmas presents, which can make life in a caravan a little harder than at home. The poll listed the top ten hiding places in the home; including the wardrobe, under the bed, in the attic, in the shed and at a relative's house.

This poll may not be much use for you if you're spending the festive period away on a last minute caravan break, so we have compiled a list of our own that is much more suitable.

  • When in use, seating can often be in short supply in a caravan, so make use of this by hiding presents from eagle-eyed children under seating.
  • While wardrobe space is in short supply, you can still squeeze in a bag full of pressies under the pile that has accumulated at the bottom!
  • Inside suitcases, under beds is another great present-hiding solution when storage is in short supply. Leave beds down and made to avoid prying eyes.
  • For those of you with nosy children, leave them covered up in a roof storage box or in the boot of your car. Just ensure both are locked at all times!
  • Bring along a box footstool to ease weary limbs after a long day walking in the hills, and you will get to hide a few presents inside it, too!

We hope these hints and tips make your last minute caravan break go smoothly this Christmas so that you can relax and put your feet up! If you are interested in getting away this holiday season, then please contact us for further information and have a browse to see which of our fantastic touring sites takes your fancy.

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