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Having Fun Whatever the Weather

  • 6th Nov 2014

Having Fun Whatever the Weather

Who says a holiday can only be enjoyed when it's sunny? Who says you can't fun until the rain has passed? Well at Allen's caravan's we believe that a holiday is a holiday whatever the weather! In this article we are going to look at the things you can do when the weather is not so blue.  At each and every one of Allen's caravan's holiday parks you'll find

Indoor Facilities

When lounging around on the grass isn't an option, why not lounge around inside instead? At the club house and lounge bar.

-          Play some  pool

-          Enjoy a relaxing meal, drink or how about both

-          Meet some new faces or chill out with a book.

 Perhaps the leisure and office complex might be more up your alley.

Or maybe you're partial to a little water but want to do it indoors then why not check out our indoor swimming pool? It's an ideal place to get your blood pumping or maybe just to do a few laps before bed.

These are just some of the amazing indoor facilities you can find right the way across our holiday parks. However if you are in need of a little more inspiration then check out a few more of our indoor ideas!

Indoor Ideas

Game of Cards - Unwind with a game of cards. With 100's of different games to play  it's a great way of involving the whole family in on the fun!

Board Games - Synonymous with family outings and rainy days, board games are another great family - orientated pastime to while away those rainy times.

Watch a Movie or Two - Not watched the final movie in your  box set  trilogy? or perhaps you want to take a trip down movie memory lane then why crack on a movie.

Let your Artistic Juices Flow - Why not take a walk on  the creative side? You could paint a masterpiece using any number of materials.

Take a Break With a Book - Catch up with your favourite novel or book series. Get lost in the wonderful world of a good book.

It's Make or Bake - Give your culinary skills a clean, make something delicious and as you're on holiday who cares if it's nutritious?

Browse the Web - Take advantage of our wide coverage Wi-Fi , you'll never miss a tweet!

And there you have it indoor activities for you, your family and friends to enjoy  even when it's raining. If you would like to find out a whole lot more about any of Allen's caravan's holiday parks then why not browse our site to see more information and images of our beautiful parks. Alternatively contact us via the options available. 

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