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Have You Forgotten to Book your Caravan Holiday?

  • 13th Jul 2017

Caravan Holiday Park

Do you ever get that feeling that you've forgotten to do something? Such as taking the bins out, turning the oven your summer caravan holiday?

If you are still yet to do so, then make amends and book your stay at one of our fantastic parks before it is too late! The day was created for anyone who may be guilty of being forgetful - to make amends for anything that is still outstanding on their to-do list.

There are reasons aplenty why you would not want to miss out on your stay with Allens this summer, including...

Swimming Pools

During the summer we open up our outdoor heated swimming pools for all of our guests to enjoy. Make a splash this summer, or catch 40 winks sitting poolside with a good book, although we imagine that you will be eager to cool off, with temperatures set to soar this year.

Onsite Attractions

All of our caravan holiday parks incorporate a wide range of onsite attractions for everyone to enjoy. Young children will absolutely adore our play areas, while teenagers can spend the day at our amusements.

Parents can enjoy the peace and quiet afforded to them by either sitting outside of their caravan, topping up on their tan or by heading out on a walk through the acres of greenery that you will find around any of our parks.

Evening Entertainment at our Caravan Holiday Parks

At Allens, we like to ensure that all of our guests are entertained, which is why we are proud to host family-friendly evening entertainment at our facilities. Music, magic and comedy are just some of the events that we hold while our guests can sit down and enjoy a meal together without the worry of cooking.


If you prefer not to be rooted to one spot for the duration of your holiday, then you will no doubt want to head out and explore the area around you. This makes the location of our caravan holiday parks such a convenience, with some of Britain's most historic towns no more than a few minutes' drive away.


Undoubtedly, one of the main reasons why our guests choose to stay with us is due to the low costs involved with staying at our parks. Unlike travelling abroad where you can pay top rates for flights and hotels (not forgetting luggage and transfer charges), by staying in the United Kingdom you can enjoy the fine scenery for a fraction of the cost.

When you consider all of this, it really does make you wonder how you could possibly forget to book your stay at our caravan holiday park. Call 01564 792323 today and book your stay before it is too late.

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