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Great British Style Caravan

  • 4th Aug 2014

Great British Style Caravan

Great Britain is a wonderful place. Overflowing with culture, it plays host to a number of beautiful and interesting cities that are steeped in history and full of appealing features which give each its own unique charm. 

Britain is also lucky to have so many great holiday destinations, with renowned holiday parks and superb facilities all over. Whether you opt for a seaside caravan holiday in Wales with Allens Caravans or a cabin in the heart of the English countryside, Britain is the ideal place to explore this summer.

Your caravan can be an escape from the real world and somewhere to relax after a busy day of summer adventures, but you may want to make it more homely by decorating and adding a personal touch. There are many different themes and styles you can draw inspiration from when it comes to decorating your caravan, especially if you want to be a little more adventurous than you are at home. However, with Prince George of Cambridge turning one this year, now is the perfect time to transform your caravan into a haven for novelty knick-knacks and decorations that you can treasure forever.

Read on for our tips on how to give your comfortable caravan some great British style!

Union Jack Flag

A must-have in your British-themed caravan, the Union Jack will act as the main motif. The iconic flag is versatile enough to be used in a number of different ways. For starters, if you really want to share your love, you can make a statement and pitch it just outside your caravan. Of course, you will need to purchase a flag pole and get permission from your site managers first, but it is a great way to show your appreciation! View the UK's finest range of quintessential British caravan parks here today!

If the flag option just isn't for you, you can hang your flag inside the caravan so it becomes part of your décor. To do so, you will need a flag and some string. Simply make a small incision in the corners of your flag, tie a knot in the string around the hole and hang it up! This is a great choice as you can hang the flag wherever you want, even over the dining table by tying it to the overhead cupboards.

Novelty Tableware

From red, white and blue tablecloths to Union Jack plates, novelty tableware is a great, simple way to embrace the Great British theme. You will come across everything from balloons and flags to party accessories and tableware; all perfect for hosting an evening get-together or a lunchtime barbecue.

Red, White and Blue

If you prefer a more subtle Great British theme you can use a simple red, white and blue motif throughout your caravan. You could invest in a set of multi-coloured plates, a subtle Union Jack teapot or even a few home accessories (cushions, ornaments, pictures, etc.) that fit this colour scheme. If you want, you could even try a few DIY projects using this colour scheme. You could start by painting or decorating lamps and vases or you could customise plain white crockery and canvases to display around the caravan for smaller-scale décor.

These are just a few ideas, but there is plenty of inspiration out there if you are looking for Great British style. So show your appreciation for Great Britain this summer, jazz up your caravan and don't forget to have fun on your next caravan holiday with   

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