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Getting Back on the Road

  • 22nd Feb 2016

Getting Back on the Road

For those of you that have the caravan bug, you’ll be itching to get back on the road and seeing what this country has to offer. Anyone with a touring caravan can attest to this; waiting for winter to end is like waiting for your birthday or Christmas to come along, the last few weeks are the longest. However, we have some news that might be music to your ears! We can confirm that is about time you started preparing your beloved to get back on the road.

As we enter the latter half of winter, we can almost see spring on the horizon and with spring comes the deep clean. When it comes to your touring caravan, however, you can prepare for the upcoming season change with gusto, and the earlier you get yours booked in for a service, the better. So, what are you waiting for?

Raring to Go

It makes sense to prepare for the upcoming season in advance, so that you don’t waste any valuable time when you could be back on the road. Here are a few tips to get you and your caravan ready to depart:


  • First, check the exterior for any damage or damp. Check external seals on doors and windows
  • Check any awnings for signs of mould or creatures living in the material
  • Re-connect the water and gas as necessary to ensure your caravan is liveable
  • Turn the heating on to see if it is in good working order and remove any lasting chill
  • Return beds and seating areas to use, and put linens, cushions and blankets back to normal
  • Give your oven and fridge a once over, before switching on to check they are still in good working order
  • Inspect tyres closely for any cracks caused by residual wear and tear that may have worsened with frost and bad weather
  • It is also important to check tyre pressure
  • Inspect and lubricate your locks, hitch and the wheels of the caravan
  • Stock up on essentials: toiletries, pantry items, tools, bulbs, batteries etc.
  • Check your insurance details are up to date and in place before booking any trips
  • Give your touring caravan a thorough vacuum, wipe down all surfaces with anti-bacterial spray and open windows and doors to air it
  • Use air freshener and plug ins to dispel any musty smells that may have appeared over the winter months
  • Clean your windows and doors
  • Clean and polish the exterior of your caravan
  • Book a service – this should be done annually at the very least, much like a car
You should now be ready to go, so pick a destination, pack your bags and get back on the road!

For more information on keeping your caravan in tip top condition, caravan holiday parks and useful resources for living the caravan dream, please keep up to date with our blog and as always, stay safe on the roads!


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