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Get To Know Your Neighbours

  • 5th Sep 2014

Get To Know Your Neighbours

Living on Allen's Caravans residential caravan park is a fun experience and it offers a lifestyle like no other. These parks have a real sense of community where all of the residents enjoy a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and a slower pace of life. 

As wonderful as life on a residential caravan park can be though, the community needs to be nurtured and getting to know your neighbours should be a priority. That means everyone needs to put the time and effort into making introductions and building relationships; a daunting concept but essential. Visit our website today for the UK's finest residential caravan parks!

So how exactly do you go about getting to know your neighbours and others on the park? Well, nodding hello as you walk past a couple gardening is more about politeness than it is about socializing so you need to go the extra mile. Bringing your neighbours together by organising a specific event is much more likely to open channels of communication and get everyone involved.

To get you started, here are some ideas of how to go about it:

Throw A Barbecue

Summer is the perfect time to embrace outdoor living and socialising and few people can resist the smell of a good barbecue, so why not invite your neighbours along to a barbecue of your own? You can keep it low key with good food, good company and perhaps a CD player soundtrack or you can choose to make it more of an event, adding summery decorations like paper lanterns, Hawaiian themed accessories and even Union Jack bunting. Either way, you will want to make sure that the atmosphere is fun, relaxed and inviting. That way, you'll be able to mingle and bring your small community together with little more effort than sending invitations and putting burgers on the grill.

Have A Street Party

Street parties are a traditional, quintessentially British way for communities to celebrate big events or indeed, just celebrate being a close-knit community. In recent years events like the Queen's Jubilee, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the London Olympics 2012 have all prompted British streets to host their own parties. Even without assigning a party to a specific event, a summer street party in a small residential park community can have a great impact on the feel of a street and the relationships between neighbours. Everyone can join in with a street party either by getting stuck in with decorating, cooking dishes or providing the entertainment. It is all about community, bringing people together and having fun!

Host A Coffee Morning

Coffee mornings are a great way to get to know people. They are simple and straightforward and they allow for plenty of relaxation and conversation. You can host a coffee morning for your neighbours in your living room, at your dining room table or - if the weather allows - outside in the fresh air. All you need is a steady supply of tea, coffee and biscuits (or cake) and enough seats for everyone. Once these things are sorted, start spreading the word and set a time and date that is convenient for you and your neighbours. Make sure you allow plenty of time for the morning because you don't want everyone to feel rushed. You can make the coffee morning welcoming and encouraging, by keeping it as simple or as fancy as you like, depending on whether you want trappings like bunting and cake stands or you're aiming for a simple setup.

If you and your neighbours wanted to make coffee mornings a regular occurrence, you could even consider starting a club; perhaps crafting based, a book club or indeed, just a coffee club.

Whether you have just moved in, you've been there a while or you're planning on moving soon, taking the time and making the effort to get to know your neighbours on your residential caravan park will enrich your overall experience of the caravan lifestyle. So take inspiration from this post and get to know your neighbours this summer!

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